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September 10, 2007, 2:05 am

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The Event


The breaking, the catastrophe, the cataclysm, the crisis, the end of age, the fall, the mythic flood, the return, the scourge, and the white event, are points where the world change.

The Event. One of those points in time, where history changes and nothing is ever the same again.

In almost every campaign, some thing "big" occurred. Usually it was long ago, but sometimes it was just yesterday. It could be an invasion. It could be magic was broken/ or came to the world. It could be the attack of The Evil Overlord. It could be a massive natural disaster that changed the world. These are just some things to give you the general idea.  This event changes the very world, setting the stage for what comes after it. It is a pivotal point of event for the whole world. They are things that ended the world as people knew it.

This scroll and codex is a collection of these events from your own campaigns, campaigns you always meant to run but never did for one reason or another, or even "fiction".

Every Event needs its own scroll piece, even if it has its own codex entry (add a link back to it). A summary of the event and a hint as to where things went from there.

Misc Guidelines:
0) I expect most of these to be Fantasy Events. These are the Great Evils (or the side effects of the Great Evil’s attempts to take over) that spawn 3-12 books in a fantasy series.

1) The minimum entry requirement should be considered the "Fall of the Roman Empire". However most entries should really be much worse and traumatic.

2) These events may be linked to epic villains of the largest calibers. Make sure to post the Villain in Of the Darkest Night and cross link the two.

3) Remember, this must effect "the world". Even if your campaign is about anthromorphic mice/rats and "the known world" is a meadow on the back 40 of a farm (at their size this is the size of Europe). If The Event totally changes the world, it would qualify.

4) If you are presenting an event from fiction, make sure to properly cite your sources and be prepared to do a lot more work on the write up… as there is more material there to work with. Simply cutting and pasting a wikipedia (or similar) posting will not be accepted. There should be some editing and "putting in your own words", otherwise the scroll post will be deleted.

Additional Ideas (1)

The Flood
I thought we would start with a classic.

It starts with a dark and corrupt peoples. A divine being looks down and knows that they must be destroyed. They can not just destroy the world and start over again (for some reason (see below)). Perhaps there is a truly good/ holy man and his family in the world that must be saved (or several of them around the world). The man must earn his being saved by being the mechanism for saving most lifeforms on the planet.

The most familiar mechanism is for him to create a massive boat/ raft. Then he should save two or more of every species (or every species from the area).

Other options include digging out a Great Cave and sealing it from the inside to keep it safe from the impending doom. Again two (or more) of every species (or every species in the area). A viable one is to create a temple high in the mountains and keep two of every species there. Perhaps the good man brings the animals to live on a cloud for a time. The last generally viable option is to magically shrink the animals into a glass ball, then set sail.

The rain falls or somehow the sea rises. Either way, a terrible flood comes down and destroys the "wicked" people and washes away the evil civilization. A number of days go by, lets stick to 40 for now. The Good man and his family find dry land or the water finally drains away or is take up to the Gods. The Good People are the people that repopulate the world and the animals go out and be fruitful and multiply.

Other options
Normally, the Divine is punishing the wicked. However there are other options:
A diety could of been driven insane or mad and just destroyed the world on a whim.
A diety could of been so sad about some event that they cried and cried, nearly destroying the world.
The Flood happens for some other reason (Evil/ Chaos enters the world perhaps). The Divine saves some of people of the world to defend it.
A Great Evil is bound and the flood is "spoil sport/ revenge" plan.

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Comments ( 3 )
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June 22, 2007, 13:53
Well now, this one seems almost complete. What're you waiting for Moon? Some entries of your own to fill it up?
September 10, 2007, 1:21
Pretty much, and to get the time to put up both submissions at the same time.
September 10, 2007, 1:21
I hate odd double posts.

However this is the one I am going to put to good use.
1) The Flood
2) The Veil
3) The Invasion (Massive War)
4) Corruption of magic - The Breaking
5) Corruption of magic - The Binding

3) Ice Age (with alternate from GoT)

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