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April 15, 2007, 2:29 am

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Of the Darkest Night


To counter the Brightest Day, there must exist The Darkness Night.

The Dark Lord Sauron. Dr. Doom. Professor Moriarty. Lord Foul the Despiser. Dr. Fu Manchu. The Emperor.

These are The Villains. And not just any villains or protagonists. These are true Epic Villains. The plots and actions of these villains effect “the entire world”. These are the villains that make history and legends. These are the villains provide the reasons behind campaigns.

This is a place for all those kinds of villains. They can be from your campaigns. They can be from campaigns you were going to run, but never did for some reason or another. They can even be from “fiction” or “real life”. No one will probably ever actually use your villain per the write up. They will take your villain as the inspiration or example for their own epic villain.

Every villain, even those who are added to the Codex portion of this piece, need a scroll entry. Each scroll entry should summarize the villain, giving a history, motivation, goals, and special abilities (we all know villains have special abilities).



Motivations and Goals

Noteworthy Abilities

The World’s Notes
Any additional information you might need to explain the character’s importance to the scenario.

Misc Guidelines:
0) I expect most of these to be Fantasy Villains. These are the Great Evils that spawn 3-12 books in a fantasy series.

1) The minimum entry requirement should be considered Professor Moriarty. This one man ran a global crime syndicate. This is were the general Bar is set.

1b) Captain Nemo could of been a contender, but really he was just a one story arc wonder.

2) Supers campaigns are littered with Epic Villains. Also consider that in a supers world, a single individual has the power to literally change the world. So if you are presenting a supers villain, it must be the best of the best (or worst of the worst, depending on your points of view). Consider the Bar set at Darkseid, Magneto, and Dr. Doom (with the possible addition of Lex Luthor.)

2b) SuperSpy campaigns might have one mastermind behind everything. The closest The James Bond series (books not movies) was Ernst Stavro Blofeld, head of Spectre. If you just saw him in the movies, he would not qualify. If you read the books, he is the equivalent of Professor Moriarty. Most Super Spy masterminds are just good for one story arc.

3) Remember, this must effect “the world”. A cattle baron who wants to take over all the land might be the central villain for a western campaign, but he is not truly an epic villain. The cattle baron who wants to take over “The Territories” to make his own persona kingdom, then invade Canada or Mexico, all so he can strike from several directions at once and take over the United States. He might be just make the Bar.

4) Now if your epic villain is the Evil Sorcerer Supreme of the known world he will qualify. Even if your campaign is about anthromorphic mice/rats and “the known world” is a meadow on the back 40 of a farm. His actions change the very world, as the characters know it.

5) If you are presenting a character from fiction, make sure to properly cite your sources and be prepared to do a lot more work on the character write up… as there is more material there to work with.  Simply cutting and pasting a wikipedia (or similar) posting will not be accepted. There should be some editing and “putting in your own words”, otherwise the scroll post will be deleted.

6) Some of these character might be linked to great cataclysmic events. Remember to post those Events in The Event.

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