Crafted much like a typical catapult, except for the basket and lynch pin, this catapult is made from rought and quickly hewn wood, with large rope windings giving the arm it's spring. From all reports, the basket and lynch pin could very well be the only items needed to turn any catapult into The Devil's Footsteps.

What makes the basket and lynch pin stand out is their contruction. The lynch pin is a leg bone with one end tapered off, and the basket is a leather net made from the stiched faces of some type of man.

The Devil's Footsteps comes in to battle only when one side has made a pact with some evil force to gain it's use. The deal is never cheap and usually ends up being far more expensive than the user expects. Many armies have won wars with it only to be toppled themselves within the conquerer's lifetime.

Magical Properties:

When fired normally, the Devil's Footsteps acts normally, altough the net will not break under the largest of loads, and the lynch pin will always slid free.

The Devil's Footsteps can fire two types of special shots.
The first is Brimstone, a devestating, but lesser feared attack. The stone loaded into the basket catches fire and becomes a slimy morass, like tar. It does not stick to, set aflame, or leak through the basket, but when it strikes something, it flows and clings to it. Water can put out the flame and cool the slime as normal, although anyone who survives the impact becomes feverish and diseased.

To use Brimstone, a glowing hot nail must be pushed through the arm, hand, or other part of someone's body, then nailed into the catapult.

The second is the Footsteps, it's most feared attack and where this catapult gets it's name. A container of small stones and rocks is placed into the basket and fired. The stones scatter and roll on landing covering around a 20 yard radius. Any living thing that contacts the stones causes them to explode and cause damage to anything nearby, typically 3d6 points in a 10 foot radius. The blast does not set off other stones unless it sends a living thing into contact with them. The stones are destroyed when they explode, but no other method has been found to clear them.

To use the Footsteps, the life blood of someone must be spilled on the catapult. Not just a little cut, the blood that flows from the person must be the last of thier blood to flow at all, ever.

Even though the Devil's Footsteps may be fired with just stones, it cannot be fired without drawing blood. A sharp corner of wood, a large splinter, a corse rope rubbing off the flesh of the palm; someone bleeds every time this catapult is fired.

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