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December 31, 1969, 7:00 pm

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The Desert Temple...


There is a platform, large enough to walk three steps across, in the desert…Once you stand on it, it immediately becomes dusk of a strange color, and the desert temple towers just behind to you…

Long ago the Temple in the desert was a place of perfect happiness. The only world’s utopia. Then, the people all disappeared. Everything was left behind, just as it was.

The sand in the specific part of the desert that the stone platform exists may not always be low enough for it to show, as the dunes rapidly change. It would be incredibly hard to find.

If one were to stand on the platform, time would immediately shift to being that of a golden dusk. All winds would cease to exist. Leading from one side of the platform, goes a pathway that leads to the opening of the Temple. To step into the desert would be suicide, for the desert has become endless.

The temple is of three parts, all with balconies surrounding on all sides. The front entrance is always open, even though there are walls all around it. Trees are planted about, and springs running, and the area is seemlingly a lounge area, all around the base of the temple.

As goes the same with the second floor balcony, and the third. Stairs on all corners lead up to those floors. Inside the temple are many rooms, and the inside is well lit. The rooms seem to be quite comfortable, and filled with books. To open a book to attempt to read it would flood the reader’s mind with whispers and thoughts of a thousand things, making it impossible to read.

The whispers disappear as soon as he would stop reading…As if they never even existed. He would check every place, and find nothing of interest, just living quarters meant for a small community and dining places filled with ever fresh food.

He would walk back out to the desert, back on his way to the platform to return. Refreshed from the water and food, yet it would seem eery. Something just wouldn’t add up…

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Comments ( 3 )
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Barbarian Horde
April 7, 2005, 23:46
Well, it's an interesting idea, but the way it is, at best a sketchy piece to add into a larger campaign. Otherwise, this location is useless.

2/5 for the interesting idea and effort, but there isn't backstory, or anything to hook it into a larger campaign.
Voted Scrasamax
July 2, 2007, 9:05
This is certainly an eerie location, one that could set alot of characters and players on edge. Surely something terrible and evil happened hear, a demon, a horror from beyond, the entire place could be infested with ghosts, it wouldnt matter. They wouldnt stay long, they wouldnt wait for me to spring the trap on them. But in this case there would be no trap, the place is simply empty now, but it's magic and enchantments remain.
Voted valadaar
March 2, 2014, 21:24
Interesting. More of a feeling then a place.

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