Our brave hobbit adventuring party, for that is what they seem to be now, are distraught. They wake up in the kitchen of the Inn called "The Drunken Hobbit". And oh how their heads are pounding, no doubt the worst hangover in the history of halflings! And why is Rosabella, the baby of Mayor Willowfield, sleeping beside one of the hobbits? 

At this point all the Hobbits must make a mild sanity check, and those that fail remember that they drunkenly climbed through mayor Willowfield's kitchen window last night, snuck into the nursery and stole his baby! What did they drunkenly proclaim again? "This will teach him a lesson not to mess with the Draconians!" But who are the Draconians?

The Inn itself bears the mark of last night's party, with flower wreaths hanging on the wall, and the tables put together in the shape of a U. On the kitchen the traces of the marauding "Draconians" are seen. Emptied wine bottles, an opened sack of flour. That very flour now clings to everyone but one of the party members (who can fail a mild sanity check to remember that he doused them all in flour for "falling asleep and betraying me so"). 

 In the streets outside they can hear the marching of Hobbit feet and angry voices. "Find the Draconians!", the Hobbits are shouting, and they are armed with dough rolling pins, with kettles for helmets.

What has happened?

GM Notes:

- The Wandering Gnome Illusionist "Pyotr the Illusionist, maker of Mirages" has been killed and replaced by a Doppleganger Enchanter. It has in turn killed and replaced Mayor Willowfield and his wife, but the adventurers do not remember any of that as they were intercepted by the Doppleganger of "Mayor Willowfiend" who managed to afflict them with the spell "Epic Hangover" as the "Draconians" jumped into a wagon that barreled downhill, away from the furious "Mayor". Drunk, and sleepy, beyond halflingly possible the band, aided by fortitude that only halflings possess, was able to sneak into the Inn before drinking a few wine bottles, courtesy of the spell, and passing out. Problem is now they think they have ruined everything and stolen a baby, while in fact they were spellbound after rescuing the baby from the hungry doppleganger.
- The "Epic Hangover" enchantment will wear off in 3 days
- The Doppleganger has enchanted baker Millstone, Innkeeper Hobbitson, Gardener McForrester and Constable Ironhill who are now organizing befuddled and stressed out ordinary halflings into search parties. "Do not take them alive, they have stolen the Mayor's baby!", these enchanted hobbits will be shouting. If the Hobbits are found by search party members, who know them and do not want to kill them, there is a high chance of them telling the PCs "You've messed up proper now, stealing the mayor's baby and all! Hand her over, and I will let you run away!". Problem is: For some reason the PCs refuse to part with the baby (their subconscious knows the baby will be eaten, and they will experience a panic attack if they try to hand her over). 
- The clothes of the hobbits can be found hanging from the window shutters. Turns out they waded across the Hurund river last night, under the constabled bridge, after crashing the wagon into the city gate. And then they needed to dry the clothes, which is why everyone is naked. 
- The spell "Epic Hangover" makes the PCs desire wine or beer, and every second hour they have to make a resistance check or begin searching for alcohol to drink. Describe this as a weird, almost uncontrollable urge  to get drunk and forget the worries of this world.
- Clue 1: On a wet note in the pocket of the jacket of one of the hobbits it is written in large letters, with a drunken hands: "It is not true! We are heroes!"
- Clue 2: with stubby fingers, in the flour on the floor, the hobbit not covered in flour has written "he will eat the baby!"
- Clue 3: In a flashback one of the PCs will remember lifting up the baby and running away "from a scary, two meter tall monster with fangs and yellow eyes". 
- Clue 4: As the Hobbits sneak outside one of them will recall that the "Draconian" adventuring band was outside of the Inn, smoking pipe-weed, and when they got back inside the entire assembly of hobbits inside were standing as if in a trance, chanting "all praise the summer lord!", while the shape of Pyotr the Gnome morphed into a monster that then stabbed the chanting mayor in the chest, cutting his heart out. (sanity check required upon remembering this). 

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