The Dagger of Danbir

The dagger is one of three weapons created by The One Of Greater Spaces to keep his acolytes, the deities, in check. It was originally given as a gift to a boy who was a prince to a kingdom, the gift was given to him at birth by a deity disguised as a noble from a far away land, a deity known only as The Messenger. The thing that even the deity did not know was that the dagger would awaken his innate abilities. As the boy grew older he was taught all sorts of things, from how to fight to how to have proper etiquette at a dinner table full of foreign dignitaries, until one afternoon, after a long day teaching the boy how to fight he was given the destined dagger, that day would mark the day that the kingdom of Daltum would fall. As the boy wrapped his fingers around the blade he felt something break inside of him, like a floodgate had been opened, but what came out didn't feel like water it felt grating and empty, but worst of all it felt hungry. The boy lost consciousness there, but when he awoke he found the kingdom split in front of him, to his left it was as if Daltum had never been altogether, bleached from the map entirely, while to his right he saw a carnage filled seen that had brought massive bone spikes from the earth to destroy every building and kill every last person in Daltum. As the boy looked down at his hands he saw the cause of this calamity, it was him, one side of his body was darker than anything that he had ever seen, while the other side he found that all of his flesh had hardened into solid bone. Not yet knowing how to control his abilities he ran, he ran from his home, from all that was left of what would soon come to be called the City of Two Halves, and everything he had ever known carrying only what he had on him and the dagger. After running for some time, floating place to place he finally found a way to leave this plane and go to another, one that wasn't full of people that he could accidentally kill in an instant. So he left this plane and went to one that had yet to be named and he rebuilt Daltum there. He found that due to his new abilities he no longer hungered and that he could fashion the most elaborate and beautiful things in an instant from bone. This was how he built the bone city that now stands today.


The dagger currently looks as though it is made out of obsidian and bone, though originally it gleamed with fine gems and stones of rare value, it changed due to the prince touching it. It would change appearance again if another mage, sorcerer, or other magic user would grasp it's handle to better fit the powers of the person wielding it. At it's base it has space for a large marble-like object, this is for the orb of darkness; once the orb of darkness is inserted is when the dagger becomes truly powerful and reveals it's true form of a bastard sword of perfect design, with delicate-looking accents and a near weightless blade that is indestructible, and of perfect balance.


The abilities that the dagger possesses without the orb is average at best other than it's indestructibility. Once the orb is in the dagger though and it becomes the bastard sword it has the power to sap away divine strength within a certain area, roughly 40 ft. Any deity within this range will feel incredibly weaker, and with a strong enough group or hero, one could kill a god. The reason this was made was for this exact purpose for what most do not know of the deities is that they are just like the clerics and sorcerers of the human world but the god they answer to is much more powerful, though some deific beings do use this power without the knowledge that they are tapping into a higher power, the truly powerful deities know full well. The name that they call this being of unimaginable power is 'The Being Of Greater Spaces', for he exists in a nigh unreachable plane of existence. The Being of Greater Spaces created this weapon for sleighing his acolytes should they ever get out of hand and start destroying the world, though no god could wield it as it is poison to them in battle, therefore only a mortal hero could ever achieve this daunting task of killing a god.

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