Amist the ranks of Samahan troops there stand islands of barbarity, ogres in appearance if not in truth. These creatures are the Chosen of Sama, brutes that act as the elite shocktroops of the Samahen armies. Found guilty of cowardice, these once-men have had their minds raped, repeatedly and with no hint of mercy, and now know nothing but shame and a desire to right the wickedness of their ways in the watching eye of Sama.

"I will tell you the truth, the Rite of the Choosing is a blessing upon them. The month of scourging purifies those cowards who are blessed with it. Yes, they are denied sleep for the entire month while their minds are subjected to the horrors that await them if they fail to correct their ways. I ask you which is worse, a month of suffering for an eternity of bliss or a lifetime of ignominy before an eternity of torment? You need look no further than the swelling of their bodies with Sama's might, giving them the strength of a dozen men, to see the truth in my claims."
-Transcript from nameless Samahen apologist on trial in the Court of the Dragon King

This will be my second entry on the religious punishments inflicted by the loathsome Samites, those zealots that seek only the annihilation of all who oppose them. These ape-like brutes stand roughly 8 feet tall, towering over their enemies, with shoulders that are rougly 5 foot across and a total armspan of nearly 17 feet. They are truly terrible in aspect, covered in scars all over their distended bodies from the foul magics employed by the Samite clergy that force the body to grow at a rate that splits the skin of the victim. Their faces are little better, with a mouth that is far too small for their body, and eyes that are too far apart for the size of their head.
-Gyma, writing to the Thyran College's Periodical on Peoples and Oddities Throughout the Seventy-Two Planes

Though the backbone of the Samahan Armies might have been their infantry, one must not overlook the might of the beings they called "The Chosen." Using fell magics, the priests of Sama would transform certain individuals into bloodthirsty hulks. Almost impervious to the swords of the enemy and knowing no fear, these beasts would break holes in the enemy lines, allowing the infantry to come in and complete the rout.

Despite these advantages, the life expectancy of a Chosen was quite low; according to the available records very few survived their first battle, and the only instance where one might have survived more than a dozen is found in a bawdy drinking song, "Giant Grysh's Lil' Love," which tells to tale of Grysh's misadventures during his repeated attempts to see his newborn son.

Kaervek’s "Histories"
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