The Box - The Barred Gate - The Tormented's Closet

Welcome to Hell...

As you arrive, you find yourself feeling as a guest. There is a lavish suite designed to suit your needs and ideals of comfort. There is some elaborate furnishings such as twisted glas and metal storm lanters lining the walls, some overstuffed chairs that you could lose yourself in for hours, and even a bowl of rare fruits and exotic desserts.

Then you notice The Window... Covered by a fancy red velvet curtain with gold threaded drawstring, is a horrific view. Your room overlooks a seemingly endless array of suffering people. They are all standing or crouching, sweating, panicked, and all around frightened. None of them more from their position besides the shaking and the occasional eerie spasm, though no chains bind them to their respective spots.

Looking up, above the columns of the invisibly tortured, is a great dome of pulsing light, strange reddish-pink and full of warmth and possible some sort of vile fluids. You're somehow sure this is the source of their suffering, yet you can only imagine what they could possibly be feeling.

The Imprisoned's Point of View:

This varies greatly for each mentally shackled individual. Each of them experiences some sort of bonded or trapped scenario, with no imaginable hope of escape. They are locked in their own fear-soaked minds. One may be trapped in the belly of a gigantic beast, feeling the pulsing flesh on all sides and the acidic stomach juices slowly digesting them. Another may be locked in a narrow, locker-like, cell with an unreachable view of the night sky above. Some more may be screaming as they are crushed by a stone block for all eternity.

The overall mood of one incarcerated here is that of despair, with hints of fear, and they all slowly succumb to mania. Their thoughts, even if somehow roused and freed, will believe there is forever a pit around the corner or giant snake waiting to eat them. One you die and go to The Box, you're in The Box forever.

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