Amos Freehand was homeless, with nothing but grit and lint filling his pockets. He played
his harp to make an earning but that didn't work to well due to the fact that he was ugly and untalented.
Amos didn't fall out of the ugly tree, he was the tree. His eyes seemed to be to close together and to
small, his nose favored the left side of his face, and he complemented it all with a toothless frown; but
this was nothing compared to the vile 'music' he managed to produce from a harp he somehow managed
to come across during his life. When notes left his harp rotten tomatoes came back.

One night when Amos was feeling extra miserable, he decided to leave the wreched town, and
started down a path towards new beginnings, but his journey was interrupted by a violent thunderstorm.
being terribly afraid of thunder he hid him self in a log, and soon fell asleep only to be woken up a hour
later, the hair on his arms and head stood on end, CRACK SHOOOM FISSST...

Amos awoke facing a starry cloudless sky, something glowing caught his eye, he turned to see
a chaired stump where used to stand a mighty oak, and there on the stump sat a golden harp, before he knew
it he was strumming the most beautiful music ever to reach human ears.

He played till' morn'
His fingers ached

He played longer still
His fingers burned

He played longer still
His fingers began to wear away

He played longer still
Bones now played the gory strings

The song went on
Amos did not

There is no document of Amos' death, there only a tall oak tree in the middle of the forest. They say the tree shudders
at the aproch of storms, and that on starry nights if you listen ever so carefully you can hear the beautiful song.
But that is just childs lore.

Magical Properties:

- The Harps strings bleed when you play them
- When you play it you feel as though your greatest goals have been completed.
- The harp can only play one song
- the Players character begins to become ugly and dirty, when they play the harp for a long amount of time.