The Tenets of Knighthood

A king or lord is expected to supply his warriors with all the necessities he can afford: spear, shield, armour, clothing and food.

When an enemy yields to a knight, the knight has the right to command him however he chooses on that day. Not even a king can take away this right. Commands to hurt or kill oneself may be ignored and can often release the yielded knight from this command. Commands to humiliate are acceptable but a silent, unspoken agreement to only do so to a certain degree usually is followed. One day the victor may have to yield to the same knight.

The possessions carried by a defeated enemy become the property of the victor.

When one knight challenges another let no one interfere.

The Nine Tenets of Light

Prowess: To seek excellence in everything expected of a knight, martial and otherwise. Using strength in the service of justice, rather than in personal achievement.

Justice: Always seek the path of ‘right', clear of personal interest. Justice of the sword can be a terrible thing, so it must be tempered and padded by mercy.

Truth: Speak always with the truth. To lie is to dishonour you lord, yourself, and the powers of Good. It is an injustice to oneself and your charges, a slight to your lord, and a sin to the Gods.

Loyalty: Be known for unwavering commitment to your lord and ideals you choose to live by. There are many places where compromise is expected; loyalty is not amongst them.

Defense: Every knight has sworn by oath to defend his liege and those who depended upon him. Seek always to defend your kingdom, your family, and those to whom you believe worthy of loyalty.

Courage: Being a knight often means choosing the more difficult path, the morally and physically one. Be prepared to make sacrifices in service of the truth and justice.

Faith: A knight must have faith in his beliefs. Faith in God, King, and country is paramount above all else.

Humility: Do not boast of your own accomplishments, let others do this for you. Tell the deeds of others and never your own. To do so shows greed and avarice of oneself and dishonors the face of the true.

Nobility: Nobility is not always a station of birth or a title of blood, yet the actions and beliefs of the righteous. To be noble is to ignore dishonor and to follow the path of honor. Never forgetting that on your shoulders rest the weak. The burden of the weak and of justice are the binding force of what makes a man noble.

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