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December 9, 2007, 12:14 pm

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Taymour District


The Taymour district is tucked between two other distinct districts in the city. It is a transitional district.  It is where the newly rich or noble (or the formerly rich and tarnished noble) tend to live. It is also a place with a deep history with the city.

The Taymour district is tucked between two other distinct districts in the city. The districts house the government, the nobility, and those of power (church and rich merchants). Those two districts should of absorbed Taymour over time, but it has kept is charm and independence over the years.

The Taymour district is a transitional district.  It is where the newly rich or noble (or the formerly rich and tarnished noble) tend to live.  It is upscale for most people, yet just poor enough that rich/ important people would not live there.  So here are where the noble children live while attending academies, where poor or politically weak nobles go to drink themselves away or grasp at straws trying to curry favor, where merchants live before they buy themselves into the local power base, and so on.  The homes are very nice, but not proper for one of station.  It is adjacent to where the poor servant and shop types live, another district between the two important ones. 

There are shops, cafes, and other services which cater to the almost rich and powerful. It is a nice area of town, if you can afford to be there.

As you walk this district you will notice that some of the cobblestones are oddly colored. Looking around more, you will see green copper stars on some of the sidewalks and even some of the house walls.  One of the bridges is practically a different color due to the number of them. If you don’t know what they are, you must be from somewhere else.  They are markers showing where noble (in terms of deed rather than title) dead were found. 

Over the years, many a revolt or reform (if successful) or riot/ uprising (if not), have emerged from this district.  Between idealism and pragmatism, rich and poor, the people of the Taymour district are in an ideal nitch to both notice and do something about social and political issues.  Thus many an event has begun in the district. 

The stars (and colored stones) mark the people who died trying to make a difference. Sometimes the winners mark their fallen compatriots, other times families or friends mark where their dead fell as a memorial (since as rebels they could not get a real burial or memorial stone). These stones normally have an emblem denoting the political movement, but some rare ones will have a name and date).  Even the soldiers have begun to mark their own dead with copper coins (one days pay) embedded into the stones.   A careful understanding of politics and history will help you unravel the markers spread through out the district (and occasionally in other areas of the city).

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Comments ( 3 )
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November 20, 2005, 0:30
This is a great piece. I don't recognize any piece of fiction or any historical place that this is based off of. This is totally unique. I mean there are tiny bits and pieces from places similar, but the whole "point of friction" this place has. It is like many transitional neighborhoods. It is a place for drama as there are so many needs here, and not all of them can be fulfilled.

The touching colored stars is what made this post for me. That makes sense. What is fun is that you will keep mentioning it to players, until eventually they will either figure it out or be told by an NPC. Then the lightbulb will occur.
Voted manfred
December 9, 2007, 12:26
"the almost rich and powerful" was a funny way to sum the inhabitants of the place. And mentioning that one bridge is almost a different color due to the number of stones hits you back once you realize what it means.

In other words, there is a great idea behind this peaceful, some might think sleepy place. People would agree to meet at 'Gremaldi', the known and dead revolutionary, for instance; of course they will meet where he fell.

This may fit easily into a world akin to China Mieville's .
Voted valadaar
May 18, 2017, 12:58
I really do like the idea of the stones marking the passing of idealists. Nicely done.

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