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August 30, 2007, 2:16 pm

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Talon is a man of many faces and many connections. Common people know him as Talon, a respected, untouchable courier for the rich. A courier that has connections to those can accomplish that which is unaccomplishable.

Special Equipment:
Talon has access to most any equipment he would ever need. If he doesn’t have a connection that can get it for him, he has the the funds or the expertise to acquire it for himself. He is a professional and doesn’t collect stuff, he gets what he needs while he needs it and doesn’t hold onto things. There is one exception, the opal set. Between the two pieces, they hold enough magic to ward off any kind of mind controlling, truth seeing, alignment checking, etc. He has the money and knows the people and protecting his secrets and his creation’s anonymity is the most important thing to him and no expense was spared to create the magic to protect him.

Talon is of unremarkable height, common looks, and ordinary dress. His power is in his common looks and actions. Few actually know what he trully looks like. A chameleon that makes people see what they want to see and, because of this, they never remember him because he doesn’t stand out.

When he is traveling as Talon and wants to be recognized, there is a large ornate ring with a large opal in it. A matching necklace will usually be visible as well with an opal on a black background surrounded by a solid gold gilding. Most everybody that matters know how to recognize him by this, and those that don’t will learn the hard way.

Talon was a young fighter in the Trenden Wars. He was trained in the elite group known as the Red Brigade that were sent on the most dangerous missions. Small teams would infiltrate deep into the enemy’s territory and complete an assassination or destroy some equipment and then try and make it back. They were the best, and many never returned.

That was years ago and, while many tried to put the past behind them, Talon honed the training he had and created a legend. Through the years and many disguises, Talon slowly convinced people that he had connections to people that could accomplish some incredibly difficult jobs while in actuality he did the jobs himself.

Talon created Kyler the Slayer who assassinated Prince Loan, the Tyrant of Wayside that would have ruled a good bit of the continent if he was alive when his father died. How many attempts were tried before Talon ‘hired’ Kyler is unknown, but it was enough to make that assassination one of the most impressive in recent memory. Kyler was the most popular and widely known assassin that Tyler had created but throughout the kingdom other names are also known and all know that Talon is one of the few, if not only, one that can control them. All of them are very real and Talon continues to make them seen occasionally to keep the legends around. And for that reason, Talon is almost untouchable. There is barely a man alive that would mess with Talon for the fear of repercussions.

Using this situation he makes himself widely available by acting as an envoy or making important deliveries of the wealthy that can’t afford the item or message to get into the wrong hands. It is valuable to him to be approachable but not directly involved with those that he ‘hires.’ Constables can question, but none are brave enough to hold him, plus there are those that employ him in high positions that find it more beneficial for him to be free. Others that may want part of the action cannot directly attack him because it would accomplish nothing but putting them on the hit list of Kyler at the least. He has his enemies, and if anybody thought they could take him and get away with it, they probably would try. There have been attempts, but none successful and the what happen to those that tried is a thing of nightmares.

Most of the jobs he takes are rather helpful and logical instead of just acts of violence. Justification must be made for the kill and usually the want for the death is greater then just the man hiring. Prince Loan was a prime example, a hated Tyrant in his land, if he took over, the land would have been plunged into another war. Another kill was a merchant that was monopolizing the grain trade in a section of the country driving prices up in the markets while brow beating the farmers and getting it for below normal cost. There was going to be widespread famine if he continued so nobody mourned his passage. These are two of the more noble, but most others have been justified to the point where there are few that *really* want to catch the assassins.

Talon has friends all over the place that help him out as well. Many times something will happen somewhere else and they spread the rumor that one of Talon’s assassins did the job. It solves the problem of Talon being in another place at the time to provide enough proof for an alibi and also frees those that actually committed the crime because they are no longer suspects. A crime is attributed to Kyler or somebody else created by Talon leaving the person that really did it in the clear. Even if it is somebody else wants the recognition, once the rumor starts that one of Talon’s people did it, there are few that would believe it when somebody else tries to claim it.

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Comments ( 4 )
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November 5, 2005, 17:28
Nearly 3 years and 1374 views and no comments? Geeze
Voted Spark
February 22, 2006, 21:35
Very, very cool. It's a great idea, a single man posing as many, and it works for the character on so many levels. Great stuff.
Barbarian Horde
April 21, 2006, 20:57
Awesome character, this guy obviously holds a lot of power and could add an interesting twist to any adventure. PC's could see him once as one person and never know where he may come up again, or in what disguise. He could be useful to help them out of a difficult situation, but they could never be sure of why he helped them, if he actually did at all. Very Mysterious!
Voted valadaar
January 4, 2007, 11:43
Heh, Jason Bourne in a past life :)

Works for me!

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