Surya Power


Range: Sectors

Revenue: Huge (0.1-0.9 percent of planetary revenue)

Risk: Small

Influence: Significant

Public Image: Popular

Nature: State-Sponsored

Industrial Classification:

Oil and Gas Production: 40%--Well Known in industry

Finance Industry: 20%--Well Known

Power and Essential Services: 40%--Dominant

R&D: Very High

Tradition: Standardized Rules

Centralization: Narrow

Unity: Very High

Paranoia: Standard Checks

Employee Relations: Significant Benefits


Surya Power originally started out as Paliputran Oil and Gas Corporation, a company created by the colonial government of Paliputra and India to develop the plentiful hydrocarbon sources on the planet. While hydrocarbons were no longer a dominant fuel source on Earth they remained valuable for plastics, fertilizers and pharmaceuticals. As the company grew wealthier it soon began to diversify into power generation and delivery and financing. With few settlements unable to afford fusion reactors or the maintenance costs the company soon became responsible for the financing, construction, maintenance and bill collection for power planets across the sector. In 2197 POG&C renamed itself as Surya Power, after the chief solar deity in Hinduism and purchased the majority of its stock from the Paliputran government.

Autonomy and Independence

In a negotiation with the central government the corporation agreed to keep its corporate headquarters on Paliputra, provide power to government facilities at cost and to be a model corporate citizen. A representative from the central government would sit on the board of directors. The central government would keep a 30% stake in the corporation and would provide funds and resources in case of any distress. The corporation would be allowed a large amount of autonomy off planet but could not rely on government resources if they got in trouble.

Surya Today

Surya enjoys a positive media presence with programs to promote rural electrification and small business development. Its commercials are well known and many recognize the corporate symbol immediately. While alternative energy may be good for small villages and industries, Surya knows its main customers are the larger industries, cities and businesses that are more energy intensive. Surya has gained a monopoly on power generation and delivery on many planets and its representatives are seen at many legislatures from the smallest city to state and planetary levels along with interstellar. To be hired by Surya is seen as a stroke or good luck or hard effort as the company pay and benefits can improve a person or a family from lower to middle class. The company stresses it's servant of the people and family friendly image, a employee whether a technician or executive is made to feel part of a larger family and they should listen and follow the rules of higher and older leadership. While this promotes unity it also hampers reaction time as many executives wait for orders or clearance from Headquarters.


Since Surya funds a lot of scientific research along with being a large presence on many worlds its security forces are large and well equipped. While not as paramilitary as some it can count on local governments to provide additional police or troops and resources if needed. Security patrols and checks follow a standard pattern on many facilities with the company relying on camouflage and anonymity to disguise sensitive projects. Many of it's highly classified research takes place on Paliputra on a reservation once belonging to the National Guard.


While no one has confirmed it, it is rumored that many Suryan power planets have security codes that can only be accessed or known to higher executives. This is to prevent possible nationalization or default on its loans. A planetary director can shut a power plant off which can be reactivated later, detonate several small charges which can damage critical electronics and parts which are only manufactured on Paliputra or cause the plant to self destruct. The company has not confirmed or denied this rumor but few wish to tempt it.

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