Sunshine books and pamphlets are the bane of the powers that be. They fill the lower classes with the desire to feel the sun and grass beneath their feet.

Akin to the modern IRL romance, they paint a rosy picture of what the world used to be. They describe idyllic parks and pastures filled with happy, healthy, FREE people. No wars, strife and constant struggle against the sea. These writings are almost universally banned and burned by the authorities, feeling that they only lead to discontent and unions. They paint the surface as a garden of Eden that is unattainable and thus an unnecessary distraction from toils of the working class. Authors are hunted down and publicly executed.

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The Faython Parchment

The Poet Faython was one of the most prolific writers of sunshine pamphlets, his words evoking a beautiful imagery of a faerylike reality. At his peak the workers used to gather in secluded spaces and host open readings of his works; the highlight of the week when he released another pamphlet - tied to the fence of a member of the ruling class.

One day his pamphlets ceased to come, and his followers learnt of his imprisonment. While in prison he confided in Sor, his jailor, one last poem. He begged Sor to write it down after the beheading.

Faython was publicly hanged, then beheaded, and Sor snuck in after the ceremony and stole some of the poet's blood.

With the blood he wrote the Faython Parchment - Faython's last sunshine pamphlet, where the author describes his longing for a better place whilst comparing it against the bleak reality of his imprisonment and impending doom.

Upon the release of the Faython Parchment, there was an uprising of significant magnitude.

Still today the words of the Faython Parchment invoke the strongest of emotions; of sadness and yearning for a better place. It is a valuable parchment and a powerful tool of those conspiring against the state. It is also an artifact sought by the authorities - one that will bring a nice reward, or a painful death to its owners.