Full Description
A bright red flower, approximately 1' in height, 1' 6" including the roots.

Additional Information
A sunflower soaks up sunlight during the day, using most of it for photosynthesis as all plants do. However, a very small portion of the sunlight is stored within the plant's petals. When crushed, the petals release the sunlight in a flash. Intensity is based on how much sunlight has been absorbed; a plant of first bloom will barely sparkle, while a pollinating sunflower is quite potent. This is simply a self-defense mechanism, but knowledgeable persons can take advantage of it.

If the petals are distilled and drank, it makes a breath weapon of sunlight capable of blinding opponents and wounding creatures sensitive to light. Such a brew has a strong, burning flavor that can only be described as tasting like sunlight. The petals must be handled very carefully, otherwise they will discharge their stored light and become useless, thus such potions are rare.


  • Nifty lightshow at night as the PCs walk through a field.
  • Scattered along the path leading to a location, alerting watchers to anyone approaching.
  • Warding off the undead.
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