It is said that, in the Days of Dawn, Mawlgi-Tsath, the Enemy of the Forest, was struck a vicious blow from Kola, the Stone Riddle, who was the guardian of the Earth. Mawlgi-Tsath, who ever was a seeker of vengeance, reached into the Earth and tore out a piece of its heart. This shard, still dripping with rivulets of the blood of the earth, he carved into a blade, which he set into an admantine haft. He forged these together for six and sixty years. At their merging point, he set a diamond to seal in the power of the Earth's pain and anguish. Then, seeking out Kola, he slew the Stone Riddle, and devoured his heart.
As Mawlgi-Tsath had no more use for the axe, the Enemy of the Forest cast it far into the sky, where it shone like a star for seven and seventy years, before it fell and blasted the land of Emoork, so that now it is a dead and debatable land, where nothing will grow. Of Mawlgi-Tsath, other tales are told, but they are to be saved for another time.


The axe called Strike Down Mother Earth is a large, heavy axe, possessed of a blade made from a jagged shard of some sparkling, iridescent red stone, that weeps rivulets of burning magma from its multitudinous cracks. This stone blade is set into a haft of an iridescent, silvery-gray metal, identifiable as adamantine, and carved with serpentine patterns. These two seem to merge into one material, and at this spot is set a brilliant diamond.

Magical Properties:

Strike Down Mother Earth, as it is bathed in magma, is a fiery and potent weapon against mortal flesh and that of spirits not protected from fire.
In addition, when struck against stone or earth, Strike Down Mother Earth releases a portion of the Earth's pain, setting all in motion around the wielder and triggering a short (10-25 second) earth-shaker, casting apart the stones and the ground.
Also, the wielder of Strike Down Mother Earth can summon stones, ripped from the Earth, to his being, firing jagged boulders or showers of pebbles at enemies.
Finally, the wielder becomes as unfeeling as stone. He or she becomes a mortal juggernaut, pressing on through wind, rain, fire, stone, and all assault like a moving rock. They become unnaturally heavy, sinking to the bottom of bodies of water, and their flesh becomes hard and unyielding.
However, as one continues to carry Strike Down Mother Earth, this unfeeling stone transformation has downsides. The more it continues, the less animate and movable the wielder becomes. His or her joints become more and more stiff, flesh more and more stony, until, at last, the wielder finds themself a sensing statue, able to see and feel and hear and touch, but unable to move or articulate, except in the sound of grinding stone.