Large lizards about 5 feet long, nothing about them seems to stand out. As drab and colorless as the parched brown stone of the desert, these things come across as your average (admitedly huge) reptile residents. But what most wouldn't know is that these scaly things are virtually unkillable, thanks to a unique gift that they possess.

When a stone lizard finds itself under attack by a predator,it does what comes naturally to it. It turns into stone, quite literally, leaving the attacking predator finding itself grappling with a statue of a lizard. This transformation from flesh to stone also occurs when the lizard finds itself weakening from a lack of food and water. This keeps the lizard safe until it feels ready to come out again. After all, lizards who are stone don't need food or water.

To the lizard,this process is hardly unsettling and is merely a state of hibernation and safety that it escapes too until some part of it's mind tells it that it is ready to revert back to a living animal again.

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