Special Equipment:

Generally has one or two pieces of horse brass woven into his mane, usually a Jove's Favor, and a Protection from Cold charm. Also has a very expensive racing harness and saddle for his rider.


Spellshaper is a blood bay (dark auburn red color) pegasus stallion with the red brown wings of a hawk, or eagle. In the sunlight his coat glistens like brass, and he is a beautiful animal to be seen flown on a special long lunge line. This lets him fly and excercise without a rider, but without just being turned loose into the sky.
On the ground he paws the ground with his hoofs, demanding and impatient. He tosses his head, and is constantly making noise like a spoiled brat, squealing and neighing loudly at other horses and pegasi. He has dark brown eyes taht almost seem black, and he stares intently at everyone who gets close to him. Some he instantly dislikes and tries to lash out at them with hooves, or a painfull bite that can send even a seasoned warrior limping away to the healers. Spellshaper is a racing celebrity, and he knows it and compliantly acts the part.


This stallion was bred by special breeders in the desert to produce a very strong, very fast flyer with a great amount of indurance to win the near mythic Triperfecta. He is driven to compete with anything that flys, racing birds, horses on the ground, anything that moves even moderately fast. He entered several juvenile stakes and won them easily. The more common pegasus stock couldn't match the stallion for burst speed, or his almost insane drive to win win win.
He entered the Grand Derby, and won easily.
He entered the Quickness Stakes, and destroyed the competition with an unrivaled win by nearly 31 lengths.
All that is left is to win the last leg of the Triperfecta...

Roleplaying Notes:

Spellshaper should be difficult to control, and generally more trouble than he is worth, except when he is put in a race gate, or on a race track. As a race stallion, or stud pegasus, he is nearly priceless and would command many thousands upon thousands of gold pieces on the race market. If he were sold he would bring somewhere in the neighborhood of 200,000 gold pieces. He could be bred to other Pegasi for a stud fee of about 1,000 to 1,500 gold pieces. This might seem high, but some race horses have actually sold in the millions of dollars and charge 2-4 thousand dollars for stud service. For game ideas, see the Plot link below.

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