Full Item Description
This item is a small brass bell, about the size of a small mouse. It is made of brass but has a slight green tint (for reasons that are unknown). It has a wooden handle.

It has the power, if a person rings it, to do make a Sonic attack around the holder(not effecting the holder of course). This sonic attack Penetrates armor and nocks the victim(s) off there feet.
There are a good number of sonic bells in existence(though the number is unknown). the first one was created by a evil wizard, payed by the theives guild to make small, portable weapons, that don’t look like weapons. This was because many citys outlawed common people from owning or carrying weapons or using magic.

These bells have been mostly used by theives but they have found other owners.
Magic/Cursed Properties
Sonic ,armor piercing, stunning attack can only be used 1 time a day.

if broken it creates a even more powerful attack(about four times the normal power).