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April 14, 2014, 7:05 pm

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Solitude and The Long Road Evelyn's Path part 6


A lengthy autobiography of Evelyn Stavros, a super powered heroine in the Delta Factor supers setting.

This is the sixth part of several (dozen) installments. The entire series will be rated R for graphic violence and adult situations, reader discretion is advised.

(also spoilers from the broadway show Spamalot are contained here in, fair warning.)

My first date with Ellen was nice. No dots. Just nice, She was pleasant, and fun to be around, and easy to talk to. She let me pay if I looked like was going to, but had her bag ready just in case. She even looked past my (thankfully few) social missteps, not seeming to mind as much as I feared when those awkward moments came up.

But it was our second date which was truly special. Somehow sensing the kid warring with the expectations of the genius and wild urges of the animal within me, Ellen arranged for an afternoon at the Coney Island amusement park, where she wanted to go on all the rides, eat all the things that you should never eat, then go on more rides.

It was about as unromantic as you could get, but for me it was one of the first times since I expressed, that I cut lose and had fun without being shifted.

The new quarter began at school and Sarah was deep in study land. Despite her words about me stealing her study buddy, she didn't seem to mind that Ellen got me more now. Almost as if she deliberately invited me over to get to Ellen..

As Spring Quarter drew to a close, I knew Ellen would be going away for the summer, back home to her mothers. Sarah would remain, working and attending classes in summer quarters. It was her intent to graduate in three years, which she planned to do not by being a genius, but by working her ass off.

For my part I tried to balance my studies, my animal urges, and giving Ellen the attention she deserved and needed. Ellen made her part easy, because she also needed to study, her courses at the music college more demanding than I first realized. My animal instincts however made the first part all but impossible, and I confess I barely scraped by in a few classes, my need to run, and fly free more important than studying most weekends.

As the end of the school year neared, Ellen took me out on a surprisingly fun, yet romantic date. It was Friday night, and Sarah was also on a date, not studying. Ellen took me to the theater, having somehow divined exactly what sort of show I'd like Spamalot. (If you've never seen Spamalot go do so, or google/wiki it, safe to say it's a hilarious Monty Python play, and it appealed to by my human, and animal, senses of humor.)

She even made sure to seat me in D101, and Tim Curry said "Dioi???" And someone said "No. D101." And they came looking, and found the grail under my seat and pulled me on stage and took my picture and gave me the Best Peasant award.

I was at once both mortified at being on a stage in front of a crowd again, and thrilled to be having so much fun. Ellen laughed and clapped for me, and the show was a roaring success. Except I had to put up with Tim Curry kissing my cheek, which is about only half as bad as it sounds.

Even now, years later That night sticks with me as one of the best nights of my life I spent as a human.

Afterward, back at Ellen's place, We'd arrived before Sarah, and retired to the couch, with drinks, Ellen was being unexpectedly cagey about how she arranged the Spamalot surprise, and then suddenly she stopped, and looked at me.

"Now is the moment."

I blinked, momentarily puzzled at what Ellen was on about, before catching on and gently leaning forward, embracing her softly, leaning closer to enfold her completely in my arms and tenderly kiss her on the lips.

Ellen kissed back, for the first time. We'd had some tender moments, even a few kisses that were little more than an affectionate peck. But this was the first time Ellen really kissed me. She pulled me close, but was still tender, even as she grew urgent, she was still soft, asking, never demanding, offering, never insisting.

I let her take the lead, enjoying the passion of the moment, and the connection that came from expressing love rather than satisfying lust. Taking the extra time to explore, and find those special spots that responded just so when kissed or caressed lightly.

After a little while of such passionate romance, she broke off, and stood up, and stepping back, and then held out her hand. She left the offer unspoken, although I could almost hear her eyes. I stood up and took Ellen's hand, smiling contentedly and letting her lead me as she willed.

She lead me to her bedroom, shutting the door. There she resumed what began on the couch. stopping once more, poised to begin, her fingers trailing my body, and said softly "There is one more thing I should probably tell you."

I nodded, wondering what the important revelation would be, briefly worrying it was a fetish for whips and chains before pushing such absurd thoughts from my mind and nodding. "Anything love."

"Sound... it's just one of many forms... of vibration." her index finger, lightly traced my spine, it began to vibrate gently. "And I've been practicing."

I gasped in delight, realizing now how Ellen could remain so chaste and uninterested in sexual gratification with others, she had the worlds best vibrator literally at her fingertips!

"Maybe someday I'll show you a few tricks of mine, but not tonight, it would ruin the mood," I whispered softly, my body arcing to meet Ellen's touch.

Ellen smiled at the thought, "But tonight... I'll show you mine." She answered, and proceeded to do just that, demonstrating a versatility of control over vibration I had never before knew existed.

During a momentary respite from our fun, Ellen grabbed my attention with a soft whisper, "Shh. Listen." And listening, I could hear Sarah and a another trying to sneak quietly past our door.

"Sarah and David," she sing songed softly. "Sittin' in a tree. F-U-C-K-I--" and she dissolved into childish giggling.

I laughed softly, "I hope they brought ear plugs," I said quietly, before swirling my tongue in a way I knew would elicit a scream of joy and surprise. Ellen did indeed cry out, for which she vowed, and delivered, revenge.

I awoke the next morning to find Ellen gone. She'd left a change of clothes in case I hadn't planned ahead for her surprise move, and I could hear kitchen noises outside and down the hall. But only a moment later Ellen stuck her head in the room and whispered "Coffee and Bagels? And we have an extra guest, but he's nice." She winked and closed the door.

I gave her a sleepy grin and nodded, "Sounds perfect," Before standing and stretching, the memory of the night before still fresh between my legs. "She is breathtaking." I whispered to myself, before blushing at the realization Ellen had over heard me yet again.

I glanced out the window briefly, deciding firmly to remain indoors at seeing wind blown rain drops dotting the pane of glass, pulling on the change of clothes with a sigh of contentment.

Without further preamble I made a quick pit stop in the bathroom and then joined the rest of the household in the kitchen. Using stools made for the purpose, Ellen and a guy were drinking coffee. There was no sign of Sarah yet. He was in his boxers and a dress shirt, but Ellen was dressed in jeans and a tee. He looked to be more boy than man, closer to my age than Sarah's. Dark hair, a bit skinny, handsome, but not yet quite filled out. He smiled. "David."

I David a polite smile and nod. "I'm Evelyn, Ellen's girlfriend."

Ellen passed me a mug. "You know that couple I sit for? David is their eldest." I could tell Ellen and David clearly knew each other, and had been chatting amiably. I caught a snippet before my arrival interrupted, something about "Lizzie," and "stealing all the baby food."

"Oh nice, I see Sarah's taken over in your absence?" I winked jokingly at David. "Glad to meet you." David* laughed. "Not quite. But Ellen's the one who gets the baby to sleep and Sarah's the one who keeps the older girls in line."

Ellen nodded, "She's the enforcer. I'm the den mother."

David laughed at that. "That's about right." I nodded in understanding, sitting down and reaching for the sugar.

Ellen sliced a bagel and spread cream cheese. "Anyway, Evie, officially meet David, a very good friend of Sarah and me. David, meet Evelyn, my girlfriend." I smiled at the redundant introduction, reaching over to grab a bagel for myself.

David bobbed his head. "Nice. I guess that makes me Sarah's-"

"Boy toy." Sarah interrupted him, standing at the end of the hall, boxers and oversized tee, grinning at the meeting.

David nodded. "Exactly."

I couldn’t help but giggle at the nick name, "About time you woke up, I was beginning to wonder if you'd stay passed out until noon." I said, gesturing to the clock with my bagel.

Sarah padded over on bare feet into the kitchen, and hugged David from behind. It was cute, and sweet, and tender, and- hey, she just swiped half his bagel.

"Hey!" David called out in surprise.

"All your bagel are belong to me." Sarah Retorted, skipping out of reach.

Ellen snorted. "And you think *I'm* the nerd?"

Sarah blew a raspberry. "That's a legit pop culture reference. You were just pretending to be an elf."

"I was a Faerie Queen!" Ellen yelled back.

David snorted a laugh now. "Okay, Sarah wins, and all my bagel are belong to her."

I struggled not to burst out laughing, sipping noisily from my coffee as a compromise.

I sat down the mug of coffee and smiled "You sound like you're already married!" I observed, before sticking out my tongue and winking at them again.

Sarah moved over to Ellen to hug her now, leaning in to kiss her cheek. Then she poured herself some coffee. "Anyway, David and I dated last year."

"We broke up just before he started school again, but we're still really good friends. So when he invited me to the prom, I thought, yeah. I had to bring Ellen to my prom because I was still Quantum and there wasn't a boy in the city with the balls to ask me out." Sarah informed me, seeming amused at the incident.

"So the straight girl brought a lesbian date to her prom?" I giggled at the irony of it, wondering briefly how that prom night ended, but knowing better than to ask.

"And it sucked, because I spent all that money on her and she still didn't put out." Ellen responded, pouting.

David barked a laugh.

"Even if she did I know you're not one to kiss and tell." I winked at Ellen, taking another bite from my bagel.

"Yeah, but we're not the straight girl and the lesbian. Ellen's... I love her way more than I've ever loved any random guy I've had sex with." Sarah said light heartedly.

"Thanks." David added dryly

"You're welcome." Sarah replied, deliberately ignoring his sarcasm.

I burst out laughing again at the unexpected phrasing, spraying a few bagel crumbs across the table. "Even spaghetti's straight until you heat up. " I gave Sarah a wink, wiping my mouth on a napkin.

Ellen blushed profusely at the talk of her, and the talk in general, but I noticed Sarah take her hand and squeeze it, and kiss her cheek again, and Ellen smiled.

"So... you two..." Ellen let her voice trail off, looking meaningfully at Sarah, and then David.

I rolled my eyes at Ellen's attempt at being coy, knowing full well she likely heard everything that went on in Sarah's bedroom that night, and every other night before that.

Sarah and David looked at each other, then both shook their heads. "Nah," they both said simultaneously. "We just had a nice date."

"That ended with you both in bed together but you expect us to believe nothing happened?" I summarized, not bothering to hide my amusement

"Oh, no, we totally had sex." Sarah admitted readily, "But we're not going to start dating again."

"Ah, no harm in that, I've-" I stopped speaking abruptly, remembering David had no idea of my delta abilities and Sarah likely wouldn't appreciate hearing the sordid details of my casual animal sex life.

"I only went out with him to meet his dad." Sarah continued, unaware of my faltering.

"And I just went with her to tell all my buddies I bagged myself a Quantum." David finished, as they looked at each other and sniggered at some inside joke.

I rolled my eyes and looked over at Ellen, "See? They totally seem like they're already married."

Sarah threw up her hands. "Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa... easy there on the M word."

"I know some other M words that are more blush evoking." I added, giving them both a wink, certain their minds would supply plenty of alternatives.

"Yeah. Besides, why would she buy the cow when it keeps giving her mil--" David stopped mid sentence. "Hmm... there is just no way to finish that sentence that isn't gross. Forget I said anything."

I rolled my eyes again, biting back the heavy cream comment that sprang to mind and only munching my bagel with a snicker.

"Nope. I'm totally offended and I'm going to write nasty things about you on my Facewall." Sarah finished in mock anger.

"Facebook." Ellen corrected her.

"There, too." Sarah clarified.

"Better then the women's restroom wall." I added with a wink.

"Okay, well, to save my rep, I'll have to have my father crush you all flat. Sorry." David said in mock resignation.

Sarah shook her head. "Won't work. He likes me better."

"He'd be unable to resist my puppy dog eyes." I added, half temped to shift and show him how adorable I could be.

"Okay, just Ellen, then." David said in compromise.

"Hey!" Ellen shouted, surprised at being the odd one out.

Fair enough." Sarah agreed, offering David her hand, sealing Ellen's fate.

"Relax dear I'll just sit on your lap." I reassured Ellen gently.

"I can't believe I bought bagels and now I'm going to be crushed WAIT!" Ellen grabbed the bag of bagels. "I'll give him these. And then he'll crush YOU!"

I leaned back as Sarah lunged for the bag, but the counter blocked her grasp and Ellen ran off with the bagels, cackling like mad., Sarah tearing off after her, leaving me and David alone.

In a minute I could hear someone being tortured with tickles. It was impossible to tell who.

I laughed, ripping off a chunk of my bagel and offering it to him, "Maybe this will make your dad hesitate?"

David grinned and accepted the bagel. In Sarah's room there was a shriek, a laugh, an "I'll get you!" and then unexpectedly I could hear the lyrics of The Song That Doesn't End., and Sarah came tearing back out of the bedroom skidding around the corner to hide behind David.

"So... c-c-c-c-cold." She managed to say through chattering teeth.

I gave David a panicked look as the song continued. "Quick, ear plugs!" Before stuffing bits of bagel into my own ear sockets, raising my voice to be heard over the song "Do they have any duct tape?"

David waved his hand. "I have three sisters."

"How have you kept your sanity this long?" I asked him, suddenly grateful I was an only child.

Ellen came out of Sarah's room, still singing, holding the bagels over her head in triumph. David looked over at her and lifted the tub of cream cheese spread she didn't get. He made like he was about to lick it, and the singing stopped dead. "Wait! Truce!"

"That's how." David said matter of factly.

I smirked, enjoying the sense of camaraderie. "I'll have to remember that one and add it to the list of others."

Sarah rose her head. "Always know your enemy’s weakness," she looked at me her voice was filled with awe. "Teach me."

"I would but you're only into guys." I laughed again and pulled the bits of bagel from my ears.

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Comments ( 4 )
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April 14, 2014, 14:17
Minor Note:
"The new quarter began at school and Sarah was deep in study land. Despite her words about me stealing her study buddy, she didn't seem to mind that Ellen got me more now. Almost as if she deliberately invited me over to get to Ellen.."

This is an early conclusion for second date so I assume their relationship is progressing but the chronology is a little tough to follow in the beginning.

Bigger thought:
Ellen and Eve's whole courtship feels like a rush to consummation. And without any conflicts-internal or external-nothing really happens in this section.

What was your goal with this section?
April 14, 2014, 19:03

The goal was to cover the the important highlights of the relationship, since Ellens factors into a few future chapters prominently. As for detailing the other dates, it came across as unneeded fluff so was edited from the final piece with only important developments listed. (There were a dozen or so dates at least before the intimate one, but a laundry list of dates felt pointless to include.)

Also aye, the chronology is a bit tough to follow due to the edits for brevity, I'll see about fixing that in the near future.

Voted Kassy
April 16, 2014, 7:40

I love the banter and camaraderie in this piece. They way the characters are bonding is well set out.
Voted Morningstar
August 22, 2015, 11:43
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