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January 28, 2015, 2:07 pm

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Skill Tabs


Expertise on a tab? Of course! Sign me up!

Skill tabs operate through injection of quantum-entangled nano-receivers and subsequent transfer of information. The storage capability of a skill tab is immense and uses a special neural-analog storage matrix - essentially a small brain on a chip. The first time a S or L tab is used, tiny nano particles are infiltrated in the subject's neurons. These act as the receivers for the tab's information


Also known as Short-Term tabs, these devices pump knowledge into the subject’s short term memory which is quickly lost - usually minutes, but as long as an hour. S-Tabs are deliberately created as a disposable good, partly due to the instability of the mental image imprint they carry. It is possible to hack an S-Tab (though very difficult) to operate more than once, though each use would be increasingly less effective and any potential side effects increased.

In Therafter PBP Game, S Tabs grant full proficiency and a +5 Competence bonus to the selected skill.


Long-term tabs, these devices pump knowledge into the subject’s long term memory, causing a permanent boost to knowledge. As with S-Tabs, L-Tabs can be hacked to allow for multiple use, but at a greater risk - they can become ‘poisoned’ with poor, incorrect or effectively ‘malicious’ knowledge.

In Therafter PBP Game, L Tabs grant a permanent level of proficiency in the selected skill.

Poisoned Tabs

While not literally poisoned, there are tabs that either due to defects, poor instructor screening, or deliberate sabotage, provide knowledge different from that on the label. It is not normally possible to determine this without use, though specialized diagnostic devices are available to tests.

# Quality Description
1 Poor Quality Only a portion (1d4-1 x 25%) of normal bonus provided
2 Incorrect A Penalty of a few points is applied.


Shocking content that could daze, indoctrinate or otherwise psychologically impact the subject.

4 Plot hook

A message has been placed in this device.

5 Plot hook

An entire personality has been placed on this device which may end up incorporated within the subjects own. These are normally only found as L-tabs.

Recording a Skill Tab

The process of recording a tab is quite taxing to the subject, and available technology limited tab creation to 100 per run. Data is not stored in a digital format due to its need to emulate how the information was stored in the brain, so it is not possible to store or transmit the knowledge over traditional digital technologies. One would need to use advanced quantum-based systems to be able to manage this, and this technology was only in its infancy when the Fall happened.

A Tab recorder uses a device resembling a turn of the 21st century MRI machine, and requires several rooms worth of specialized equipment. The recording process takes between 2-3 days of constant scanning - the subject kept awake though sedated via pharmaceuticals and fed/hydrated through IV lines. After the process is complete, the subject usually experiences significant mental dulling that can last 1-2 weeks. There is also a chance, especially if the subject attempts to exercise their knowledge in the subject matter, that they could lose some or all of their expertise in that area.

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Comments ( 6 )
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Voted Aramax
January 29, 2015, 19:50
Love this very original concept, easily adapted to a variety of setting. Whats with the stats? Thought that was a no no? 4/5
January 29, 2015, 20:51
I hold to the Stats are okay if they are unnecessary to the submission and simply extend its value school.

Voted MysticMoon
January 31, 2015, 9:45

Short, simple, to the point, useful, and with a nice benefit/restriction design.

This is a prime example of what I said in the forum: the stats are clearly marked and separated from the content *after* they have been explained in a way that I can happily skip over them.

Voted axlerowes
February 11, 2015, 8:20
"I know Kung Fu?"

There is something interesting with these tabs on a neuroscience level and then applied to the roleplaying. So to learn use these things Long-term tabs do they have to link that knowledge in with your existing memories? There are a number of cues that we get in order to recall how to do a task, such typing or driving. If many of the cues were shifted you might have a difficult time performing the task. (Try transcribing something via typing by typing in the air. Even if you never look at your screen while transcribing, you get a little disorientated. The same could be true for language or reading. You may know what a word means, but when you see the word out of context it may throw of confuse you for a moment.

Anyway HERE IS THE PITCH: what is the L-softs link the knowledge to seemingly unrelated material in your brain. So every time your roleplayer used his L-soft regarding automobile technology, he or she thinks of bacon, Everytime they use the L-soft to speak French they start to feel as if they are very late for something and get the sense that they have forgotten an appointment. You could not tell them about this connection at first, just remind the players as follows.

GM: Make a WITS roll.

Player: 37

GM: This room seems very familiar to you, it reminds you of training officer's house from your time back in the Corp. when you would visit her when her husband was away.
February 11, 2015, 9:20
I like this idea - you are of course correct with the linkage of knowledge with existing memories. The way the TABs are produced allow for the potential of the 'sources' memories leaking in.

Its all about trying to get the skill boosting Books in fallout to kinda work.

Voted Scrasamax
September 25, 2015, 22:59
Very interesting, and I am considering how to port these into the Cosmic Era. I can see them not being used for squirting a new skill into your brain, but rather boosting an existing skill. Spread the net far, basic understanding of a wide variety of skills makes it easy for using skill-boosting tabs as needed, such as a sniper popping a marksmanship tab a moment before taking a critical shot, or a hacker boosting his on the fly coding skill for a few minutes while he gatecrashes a server. Fun stuff that!

Who do they look like?
How do you use it, as in how does it reach the chip in your brain?
How expensive are they?
Once a scan is done, can new tabs just be made from that?
How hard are they to get?
What about criminal skills, how available are those?
What controls would you put on this to prevent player abuse?


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