The Silver Chalice is the shop (and market stall) where Fredius Cancian of Amar sells his fine wines. Fredius imports his wines from near and far, selling only those that meet his high standards. By "tacking on" a case or two of wine to another merchant's caravan or ship, but having his wine making friends send one or two on almost every caravan or ship heading this way his import costs are practically nil. His wines are a bit pricey, but worth the cost as they are generally better than the local wines. (note: He sells finer local wines as well, just they are few and far between).

The Silver Chalice is known as the only source for Sparkling Wines in the City. The Secret of Sparkling Wine is only known to one region, though other WineSmiths are trying to duplicate it. It sells out almost faster than he can bring it in.

Fredius's foreign roots show through by simply looking at his face. His darker skin and large dark mustache always show him as a foreigner. To compound that, he wears Amarian robes despite the colder climate here. He is utterly polite to strangers and his family. He also has a bit of a hidden side to his personality.

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