Born Cranston Bayle Jones. Legal name change to Sigma Bayle Jones


Average height, black hair, with a lean muscular build. Speaks rarely, but when he does it is with an almost comically deep rasp. 


Anglo-Caucasian, with some Amerind and Latin influence






High end office work, such as legal, finance, or similar office/suit/business card-based job that has high income, high stress, and caters to narcissists and sociopaths.


A penthouse unit on the first level of the arcology elite top deck. A more common description would be an entry-level penthouse for up and coming megacorp sociopaths. The unit is notable for having an installed biorejuvenation pod (a light version of a med-pod that does 'heath treatments') The unit also has a full bathroom with tub, personal sauna, and unlimited water use permits.


PAN viral AI system (all of his accessories are smart, linked together, and have created a gestalt identity)

Tactical Business Suit

A fascia device that could be best described as a gladiator hockey goalie mask


Corporate Narcissist

Sports Enthusiast

Sex Enthusiast

Self-Care Expert

Underworld contacts for drugs, weapons, and an outlet for hyperviolence


Sigma Bayle Jones is a sociopath's sociopath. When he first turned up at the offices of Goliath Megacorp, North America he did so in a stylish business suit (that had a tactical combat rating and ballistic grade), wearing a gloss white full-face Fascia that looked like a hockey mask, and was open carrying a rifle, shotgun, and two different types of swords. He didn't fill out a resume or have an interview, he just walked in, took an empty office, and grabbed files off of other people's desks. They were so intimidated that they didn't even think to call security. After a week, corp officers took notice and sent a team down to investigate and found Sigma Jones all but running a previously inefficient level of a third-tier data mining and sorting department like a well-oiled machine.

A background check and the most awkward interview ever later, and Jones was on the payroll and given rank and passcard privileges. 

He has since risen through the company. Part of this is many people glad to promote him up and out of their departments because he is frequently silent, overly intense, and when he talks its frightening and demanding. They can't fire him because despite carrying weapons and wearing a mask, he's not done anything wrong, and on paper, he is a fantastic motivator and supervisor. The fact that no one knows what he looks like, or what his actual voice sounds like does little to calm their worries.


There is an episode of the original TMNT cartoon where the hockey mask and weapon carrying Casey Jones has to go get an undercover job at an office building. He puts on a suit, that's it. He is still wearing the mask, and still has the golf bag stuffed with melee weapons on his back. He gets the job.

Sigma Bayle Jones is a blend of Casey Jones, office worker, Patrick Bateman from American Psycho, and the Sigma Bale meme

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