Long ago, a powerful staff was created; the creator gifted the king with it, and begged that it be locked away... The kind obliged, sealing the staf Siel'zar in the darkest catacombs of his castle's dungeon, surrounded by barrier both mundane and mystical.

The kingdom has long since fallen, the the dungeon has long since been forgotten. Originally, the staff was meerly a powerful tool; however, over centuries of time, the enchantments have grown, wraping into a strange, alien awareness. The staff feeds upon the lifeforce of the creatures around it and the ambient magic in the area it influences, growing stronger with each sip of energy.

Now, it seeks to surpass the gods themselves, and to this end it uses the power it contains to slowly influence the dungeon it resides within - creating a loyal kingdom of followers in the creatures who have been infused with the staff's power, and shaping the dungeon itself into a stronghold.

Soon, it may stake a claim of the surface world, and expand from there - becoming a greater threat with each tree, bird, and deer that falls to it's influence, always riveted on the goal of becoming the Ultimate Force.

It appears to be a simple oak staff, decorated heavily with silver and platinum, with a seven-fingered talon atop it, clutching a blood-red ruby carved to resmble an eye. When the mind within the staff is awake and active, the gem flickers erratically, as if a distant lightning storm plays aound within the gem.

It remains trapped within the dungeon, the bottom half of it locked in stone warded to the strength of mithril by the kingdom's long-since-dead archmage.

Magical Properties:

This staff is not meant to fall into the hands of players, but rather to be a villain in and of itself.

It has access to all wizard spell of level five and below, with the skill of a wizard of twentieth level.

It projects a field around it, perhaps six or seven hundred yards wide; any creature which spends a year regularly bathed in the field will be changed, their mind enhanced and their will bent to loyalty to the mind in the staff - and they carry a limited-range version of the field with them, allowing the staff to send minions forth to infuse others and make them part of the staff's growing army. It also feeds on the life energy of those it controls, sipping just enough to make it stronger, wthout bringing any real harm to the servants.

It can also cast a force wall, impervious and nigh impossible to breach save by an archmage or a god, and often uses this to keep creatures it wishes to make serve it trapped within the field's radius.

It can also directly control those who serve it, but prefers to leave them to their new intelligence, which is often a feral kind, as most of those who serve it are animals raised to awareness.

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