So I showed a user in one of the Discord servers I am in, this submission and he was intrigued that no one thought of using shock magic in this way. I told him that since shock magic from it''s description in every fantasy setting ever is described and portrayed as magical electricity, why not harness it as an energy source? It would be the ultimate clean source of electricity!

There are so many potential applications for shock magic besides combat and doing damage to things if you look at it as a potential power source. Which is why I am surprised that there are no settings that use it as such. There are many different applications for this and I will list a few here:

1. Use as a magical battery for devices. By using shock runes on devices at various scales, you could create devices that power themselves. Let''s say we incorporate shock runes into silicon chips. They could be used to power computer components in smart devices for example. Have the magic wear out overtime to make the equivalent of battery aging.

2. Wireless charging. If you want use regular rechargeable batteries for device energy, you can have a special shock rune that will transfer the energy directly to the battery when the device is placed on it. This can be scaled to any device from a phone all the way to a laptop. The rune can be made in a way to conform to the appropriate voltage.

3. Power plants. You can create magical generators that can make potentially terawatts of electricity to power entire cities to even nations with just a few facilities. And they could be 100 percent efficient because it is magic. It would also be completely clean energy with 0 carbon footprints and pollution.

4. Backup power sources. If shock magic in your world cannot be used to power entire cities, then why not use it as backup power sources for buildings when the main grid does go out?

There are so many more ways you can use shock magic and these are just a few of them. I am sure you can come up with more.

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