The Guild of Technomancers, concerned about the environmental impact of cryptomining operations, started working on a solution for sustainable cryptomining hardware. Through years of research and development, the guild ultimately concluded that it would require the development of a magi-tech Application Specific Integrated Circuit designed specifically for cryptomining without the consumption of extreme amounts of electrical power. This chip, known as the MASIC or “Magical ASIC” is created with a careful balancing act of frost and shock magic runes etched into the silicon chip itself. The shock runes power the chip while the frost runes keep it cool.

With the MASIC, anyone can mine cryptocurrency without having to consume extreme amounts of energy as the shock magic allows the chip to run without the need for electricity once connected to a computer and powered on. The frost magic eliminates the need for large fans to keep the chips cool which also saves even more energy. You can basically mine crypto with a MASIC miner and get a faster return on investment then you would with a traditional ASIC miner.

Once the MASIC was released to the public domain along with the methods to fabricate them, these chips quickly became the standard for cryptomining hardware due to their superior energy efficiency. And even though they are not exactly cheap, they pay for themselves in record time. In many nations, the MASIC is now the only type of mining hardware that is legal due to environmental regulations.

Thanks to the MASIC, Proof of Work has become the standard consensus mechanism for cryptocurrencies again due to its mathematical proof of security.


If your party has a home base, they can buy a few to set up a mining rig and generate a passive income stream.

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