Back long ago in the year 1313 of the lion when the greek gods still roamed the Earth there was parties and dancing and singing all the time. The joy of all the gods and the happiness of the gods anger Hades that was in the Underworld and heard all of there ruckus. He hated hearing the flutes and drums and stomping of their parties and the joy they had and it burned his black heart. He devised a plan to create 13 foul, wretched, blood hungry demons to kill them all and stop the joy. He also thought to himself if he killed his brother Zeus he would reign and be the most powerful of all gods.

He began his creation and the gods sensed the evil but did nothing and paid no attention to the warnings of what is to come. Hades began to regularly attend the parties and urge them to be thrown to take the gods' minds off of the evil presence. He hated going to the parties but he went anyway all the while his demons would train hard with the fallen dead heros of old time past.

Apollo however stopped attending these parties because he knew one day he would have to face the evil and if no one cared about it he would be the one to stop it. He told Ares and Zeus about his feeling but they themselves didn't even care they just looked at him and said 'What could any evil do against a god'. Apollo frowned upon them and began to forge armour, a sword, and a shield. He forged the armour and the sword from stone and hard metals in the Earth. But when forging his shield he took the fire itself from the sun and created it. It was his most prized possession that he has ever created. He put into it a spell that would send out an array of blinding light that would blind his enemies from seeing him and he could attack and kill them all. He was very proud of himself for he was prepared to encounter his enemy now.

In the meantime Hades knew he must train the demons well to be able to kill gods. He also knew he would have to help them in doing this for they would eventually have to kill Zeus and he was no normal opponent.

Then finally one day when a mid-afternoon party was coming to an end the Earth beagn to rumble and shake. The ground began to crack beneath the gods' feet and the crack slowly got bigger. Apollo knew the time has came and he put on his armour, drew his sword, and wielded his finely crafted shield. The crack opened to a giant gap and out came boiling lava and the 13 demons. The gods stood in awe and in terror for they knew they were foolish on what they have done.

As the demons drew in for an attack Apollo came out of the sky on his chariot and attacked them surprisingly. Hades became nervous and began to cast spells and ordered the demons to kill Apollo first. They all went after Apollo and he raised his shield in front of himself and the light shown brightly and blinded the demons and Hades. He slowly killed the demons one by one as they scrambled about it pain from the light. Apollo apprehended Hades and Zeus cast him back into the pit of Hell in which he came.

Apollo then took his shield and placed it in the Earth where the crack was and sealed the crack shut with his bare hands. He used the shield as a binder to hold the foundation of the crack in place and seal it up forever. The gods chanted Apollo's name in the halls and kingdoms that day and threw parties and told tales of his grand victory. Apollo with joy rode to the Sun and thanked it for it's great and powerful creation and for the power he had bestowed in him to kill his enemies.

After the battle Zeus declared that all the gods would now live in his home of Mt. Olympus and never be on the filth of the Earth unless their duties called them to be. And as for Hades he was never to be let out from Hell unless he was invited to do so by Zeus himself. The shield slowly became forgotten and tale became a legend. The shield began to lose luster, and it's great power from being in the ground for so long. It still held powers but they weakened due to it's loss of luster.


~Your Pc's are walking in an area and one of them, all of a sudden trips and falls over. They discover they fell over the shield and eventually wedge it out of the Earth and find out it's abilities in a battle.

~Your PC's are given a quest by Apollo himself when they pray to him or they visit one of his temples, he talks to them and gives them a quest of some sort. If they successfully complete the quest they are given directions to the shield's location.

~A fat marketman runs in from the desert into a nearby city that the PC's are roaming around and begins to shout and scream 'Look what I found in the desert!' The PC's could kill him for it, steal it, or bargain with him to sell it.


The Shield of Blinding Light is about 4' tall and is a tower shield. It is as golden as the sun but it is dull from lossing it's luster, which can never be restored. It has a handle made from ruby and a design of the sun in the very middle of the face of the shield. Looks like a valuable dull looking shield.

Magical Properties:

It blinds your enemies after a successful block.

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