It is a common misconception that there are magic candles.

Well, there are, but it is much more common for a 'magic candle' to actually be a quality-made candle in a magic candlestick.

1. Candlestick of Clues

This handsome silver candlestick grants a temporary boost to the bearer's Perception attribute and their Spot skill. The candlestick has major limitations, as it can only be used at night, in the dark, by a person actively looking for something, not just a tool to be pulled out in the middle of the afternoon to grant the stat boost for an archer to let off a few arrows. The Candlestick of Clues is used by spiritualists, ghosthunters, detectives, and heads of household staff, and accordingly, it should be a bit heavy and baroque in its design.

2. Candlestick of Seances I

This candlestick creates an aura around it that allows the unseen to become visible, thus when summoning spirits they can be seen by people who are not attuned to the netherworld or have any spiritualist abilities. Likewise, these candlesticks can be used in places like mausoleums, catacombs, and crypts to reveal the lurking spirits of the dead and help protect the bearer, as these spirits are typically very timid if they know they are visible, and most will retreat when feeling the aura of the candlestick. Nethermancers can use this is a potent tool for the summoning and binding of the weakest of ghosts.

3. Candlestick of Seances II

This candlestick has a minor enchantment that causes minor illusions to appear in the shadows on the edge of its light. These tenebrous tremulations are easily confused with ghosts and spirits, especially if the other people in the vicinity of the candlestick have consumed mind-altering potions, herbs, or strong drinks.

4. Candlestick o'Flame

The Candlestick o'Flame can be used to start fires. By making the proper gesture with the candlestick, the flame from the candle will dramatically increase in size for a few seconds, enough to ignite curtains, a fire in a hearth, a proper dungeon torch, or even a wayward hooligan's cloak.

5. Femur Candlestick

This candlestick is made of a large animal's femur and any candle put on it and lit produces a gory red light, very suitable for evil lairs and haunted catacombs, sepulchres, and nightmare soaked dungeons.

6. Chimera's Candlestick

A large and iridescent steel candlestick, this stick has the magical power of making the flame the candle produces change color. It has no other power and is purely cosmetic. They are expensive, but popular among sorcerers, bards, and lords of leisure.

7. Candlestick of Revelations

This wirey candlestick grants the bearer the ability of True Sight so long as the candle is lit, and they are in a dark room. Within the light of the candle, the invisible is made visible to them, as well as being granted the ability to see through disguises, facades, costumes, and other attempts at deception. A side effect of this is that they see everyone through their clothing, a voyeuristic thrill or puritanical nightmare. those with higher perception scores can start seeing into people, discerning their auras, their spirit, their heart, and this can be very unsettling, and the most disturbing thing is that this power works on the bearer too and if they look into a mirror while holding the candlestick, they will see into themself as they truly are, and most people are not prepared for this.

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