Special Equipment:

Flaming Saber and fireproof cloak.


Is on the short side but very powerfully built. Piercing grey/green eyes and blonde hair. Scar runs down left side of face, missing two finger on left hand.


Born poor, Sabot Raith ran away from home and jioned a local thief with his pack or urchins. Quick fingered, he became the favorite of the thief and was soon in charge of the gang. He was caught trying to steal from a wizard's workshop, but instead of turning over to the authorities, the wizard saw promise in him and took him in as a student. He accompanied the wizard and his companions on a quest and was the only survivor after the party was attacked by giants. Retirning to the city, he continued his magical studies until call on by the king to recovery an artifact in the mountians. He recovered the artifact, but again was the only survivor of the party. Fearful that his limited magical abilities would not always protect him, he jioned the army and learned swordcraft. After several years he became bored and left the service continuing to find advrentures of his own. Although he now has many companions which have gone on adventures and survived, he is remembered for his first few in which he was the only survivor. He is now semi-retired and lives in his manor where he collects books.

Roleplaying Notes:

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