The Timoshenko is a 1,100-foot-long Russian submarine designed to carry infantry and power armor infantry into a combat zone and unleash them on an unsuspecting foe. It was built in the same general pattern as the venerable Typhoon class ballistic missile submarine but replaced the vertical launch missile tubes with infantry barracks, and the nose opens into an assault ramp for amphibious landings. The conning tower is notably squat, there is not a vertical stabilizer on the rear of the ship, and unlike any other sub built, it has three A-pods built into the hull. This allows for the sub to beach itself, disembark its infantry forces, and then use the pods to push itself back into the water. It was built for the purpose of launching surprise amphibious assaults against coastlines and support air dropped forces.


The Timoshenko can carry a full infantry regiment (foot) or a battalion of motorized infantry, or two companies of mechanized infantry or power armor infantry. It does so moving at the same general speed as a ballistic/strategic submarine (not fast, it's no attack vessel). The submarine sacrifices vertical launch tubes, and has no forward torpedo tubes, rendering it functionally unarmed in submarine combat. It can launch countermeasures and anti-torpedo systems but lacks the ability to fire back. When it beaches itself, the ship has six blister turrets on the dorsal spine equipped with twin medium lasers. It uses these as anti-aircraft and anti-drone defenses.

Operational History and Hurdles:

Timoshenko has technically sunk three times, twice with significant casualties. All three times were because of pressure hull failures in the assault ramp, twice in training exercises, and once when it was on its shakedown cruise. Due to the large size and complexity of the seals on the ramp and forward hull, the ship has a maximum depth of about ninety feet. Below this and the bow starts leaking. Unfortunately, the ship would need to descend to nearly 250 feet before being unobservable from the surface. It has not seen active combat and has been 'destroyed' in all seven fleet exercises it has participated in.

The ship has been removed from the active fleet roster and is used as a diplomatic submarine cruiser, or as a cargo transport to Neo-soviet seacologies and submersible cities.


Timoshenko was intended to be the first in a series of infantry assault subs, to be followed by armor and mecha carriers. Considering the dismal failure of the first ship, and the 900 casualties its garnered, it is considered an enormous failure, despite being also seen as a symbol of Eurasian Alliance ambition and will.

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