Though extremely foul smelling,this thick,viscous ooze is regarded as being almost sacred by the Eshal of soggy Tarrod. I's discovery streches all the way back to the days of the old Clans,when the eel-men still had a primitive culture that was greatly influenced by the remedies of the Clan shamans. When the old Clan ways died with the coming of the Cuada,the usefullness of Ruha ooze was fortunately preserved.

Ruha ooze is collected from the stomach of the Ruha, a large predatory slug that attacks and devours anything it sees,with a huge gaping maw lined with thousands of shredding fangs. Further complicating the search for Ruha ooze is the fact that though the Ruha is rather common on the mostly submerged continent of the Eshal,it is a reclusive beast that lairs at the very depths of the huge lakes that Tarrod is famous for. This means that the brave soul who goes on the search for Ruha ooze, has to look for the slug in great darkness,making it very difficult for him to see one. Of course, there is always the chance that the slug might see him instead. That usually ends with the searcher dying in its foul maw.

But the danger and difficulty of finding it's ugly source is worth it. Senior Eshal war leaders handsomely reward anyone who delivers it to them in subsantial amounts, knowing that it gives their warriors an edge over their foes on the battle field.

When Ruha ooze is diluted with water, it can be spread all over one's body. Though there is some initial swelling of the skin, this soon fades. And the result is amazing. The user suddenly finds his body bursting with energy. Any exhaustion he may have felt prior to rubbing on the ooze is gone, and he feels completely recharged, ready to take on anything that comes his way. His sense are also heightened and he finds himself able to smell, see and hear things he would not normally be able to. Futhermore, any serious wounds that are taken, stand a greatly reduced chance of getting infected, thanks to the anti-infection agents present in the ooze. And best of all, the effects of the ooze last for hours.

Side effects:As useful as the Ruha ooze is, using it too liberally does lead to a number of issues ,the most prominent of them being insomnia and the intense exhaustion that follows when the effect of the goo wears off. Other unwanted results include an addiction to the substance and health problems such as reduced fertility in males and heart palpitations. The most serious of them however, is that caused by the appetite supressing agent in the ooze. Though coming in very handy when an army has to move on short rations, it causes the body to use more energy to make up for the lack of calories. If prolonged use is not checked,it can become a very serious health issue.

Magical Properties:

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Other side effects could include exhaustion after use, and general emaciation - while it could reduce appetite, it makes the body spend far more energy than usually.

The more often it is used, the more of the goo is needed to get the same effects yet the recovery and exhaustion effects are greatly increased.

Additionally, after the initial exhaustion wears off, the goo could have an addictive nature that results in mored days of sweats and extreme weakness that lasts longer than the initial recovery. That would make the goo a dangerous thing to use unless they have enough quantities to keep those that use it going and are relatively sure of the safety for the two recovery periods.