The Ring of Resistance

The rings of resistance are all made of fairly common materials, and none were particularly valuable in terms of what they were made of. Most were made of pot metal, with the better mad ones being brass. The rings were set with semi-precious or non-precious stones in a cabochon cut.

The stone could be removed to display the symbol of the resistance movement on the band of the ring.

There were three kinds of Rings of Resistance; mundane, minor magical, and major magical.

The Mundane Ring of Resistance was a token, and could be used by members of the resistance movement to identify each other, or reveal their association with freedom fighters against the regime. These rings were never made of materials worth more than a single GP.

Lesser Rings of Resistance were made of brass or bronze and were made of components worth up to 100 GP. These rings were also enchanted to give the wearer the Merit: Iron Will, allowing them to resist mind control, interrogation, and other personal challenges related to willpower.

Greater Rings of Resistance, the three that were made, were made of gold and set with precious stones. These rings grant the wearer the Merit: Iron Will, as well as bolstering their mental attributes, and charisma, allowing them to rouse people to action, call for aid, and so forth. The powers of each ring have varied with each user, as the ring draws on their own powers and abilities and enhances them.

During the Chep Cheya Autocracy, the Adrana Mendicants formed the core of the resistance. The Chep Cheya autocrats were brutal and effective and all but destroyed the Adrana Mendicants and came close to eliminating their resistance movement. The rings of resistance allowed for the Mendicants to bounce back. They never overcame the Autocracy, that was only accomplished by the rival faction within Chep Cheya, the Brio Menium Sybarites. The Sybarites ruthlessly assassinated the leadership of the Autocracy, burned down half of the capitol buildings, and created a short term alliance with the Mendicants. The Sybarites ran the same purge through the Mendicants, and managed to steal or destroy many of the Rings as well as the entire Mendicant order.

Player Usage

The Rings of Resistance and relatively easy to make, and allow for players to make themselves part of a resistance movement, or to form the core of one. Especially useful for heroes fighting an overwhelming foe.

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