Rhojin was an adventuring wizard, but for many years he did not adventure far from his study, and once the local dungeons were cleared out and intrigues foiled, Rhojon found he had worked himself out of a job, at least locally. After a few mishaps adventering farther afield, he decided he simply could not adventure apart from his study for a length of time. To that end, he created a new staff to travel with, one lacking the usual crystal or other magical focus at the tip and in its place, a rather plain and home made birdhouse.

The wood of the staff is rather obviously the better part of a small tree, roots up and cradled around the birdhouse. The birdhouse itself if made of split plant wood with a fine grain but rough hewn surface and a wedge shaped roof, with the sides bleached in white wash and the roof covered in a thin and chipped red paint. There is a mostly round hole on the front face with a short twig pegged into the wood below it, and a rough black cloth hanging to cover the hole as an interior flap. While the staff itself seems to be just an eccentric wizard's staff in appearance, the birdhouse contains an extradimensional space that Rhojin has set up his study inside of.

With the staff in a stable position, be it planted in the earth or leaned against a wall for the night, Rhojin can simply grab the twig on the front face and "leap" inside the study. The study has one face of the lower level dominated by a large and very coarse black wall hanging, covering a large and mostly round hole. There are stairs leading to an upper level with a four post bed and small table an chairs to read at, while the lower level has a fireplace flanked by two couches and a larger table surrounded by several chairs, and a sparrow's perch in a corner. The sparrows perch is a birdhouse, strikingly similar to the very one on the top of the staff. Except for the one wall with the cloth hanging, all the other walls are covered floor to ceiling with shelves for books and scrolls of all sorts. Only a handful of things still reside on those shelves however.

Although he never revealed the specifics of the staff's creation, being either a study constructed within the space or a space that links to a remote location, it is evident that the extradimensional study is not completly seperate from outside influences. It is not subject to the winds, rains or other enviromental effects, even remaining dry inside if the staff becomes submerged, motion of the staff does translate, in a fashion, to motion of the interior. Such motion is not to scale as one might expect. A movement of the staff of a foot outside translates to a foot of motion inside. Rotional orientation does produce effect inside, but only in a minor way, so spinning the staff does not spin the occupants, but may make them stumble a bit. This effect may have even been intentional, as it allows the user to be aware in some small part of the staffs interaction of the outside world while not being completly subject to it, all but eliminating fatal falls on the interior.

Although Rhojin did create a way of taking his study with him, he had created a new problem unique to his situation that the movement of walking with the staff toppled books and scrolls from shelves, leaving his study in complete disarray. A resourceful magician, Rhojin enchanted the furniture, except the bed, to bring documents to hand with a thought. So long as you knew what you were looking for, you could call the full details and review the original document simply by thinking of it, provided you were seated at a table or couch.

Rhojin can also "invite" willing persons inside the staff for a period of up to 12 hours a day per person. With accomodations excluded from the weather and a fire to cook by, Rhojin's tower has seen many a planning session before an adenture takes place. The fire is magical in nature as well, providing warmth and a cooking source, but is unable to burn any paper goods. Alert individuals will notice that the exterior of the birdhouse does not have a chimney, but if asked, Rhojin simply states that it's handled.

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