Lets face it the Hobbits are dead and gone so if you would like to create a race to ease the pain of their departure or use necromancy to bring them back from the dead then this is the place for you.

The Hobbits provide a balance in a world with so much evil races. The Hobbits represent the peaceful guys that represent what the PCs (the really heroic ones, save the world types) are fighting for.

So this post is a place for anyone who has thought up an idea to either make the Hobbits usable or make a new race that replaces Hobbits then post it here.

Before you start note the following things
1. You do not have to continue with most of the weaknesses regarding Hobbits, just the whole anti-violence and non-militarised thing.
2. Your race should have some strenghts just as the Hobbits of Tolkien did (resistance to magic) kind of like the opposite to an evil wizard.

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My solution was the Rothondrim. In my world, the Rothondrim are a race of men, yet still somewhat hobbitish, being short and round. They were one of the four origonal races of the continent, which has since become filled with all manner of men from far lands, now established cultures and kingdoms of their own. During the traditional cataclysimic battle of my continent, the Rothondrim took it pretty hard.

The ones of the east were set upon by one of the blood traitors, a Fallen Magi, and most fled to the northern west. Set upon by the hounds of the fallen ones along the entire passage, they came to find the northern Rothondrim broken by plague and war. In the end, the Rothondrim race has settled into three distinct kingdoms and areas following the war.

In the east, those Rothondrim who stayed behind to defend their homes, and survived, became the men of Sul, Broken Hand, a small kingdom centered around the remains of the Rothondrim cities and built on the edges of a dark forest created upon the Dark Magi's death. They are a close-knit, deeply religios and superstitious society, mistrusting of all the outside world, especially magi. They carry the pain caused to them by the dark ones daily, and are slow to forget and forgive.

In the northern west, where the largest population of Rothondrim sat, the kingdoms of the north founded the Haven-Kingdom of Veldea, a land created for the Rothondrim and guarded by the keeps and castles and armies of the kingdoms of the north. It consists mostly of small farming villages widely spread out over fields and forests, with the occasional white-towered city crowning a hill. Origonally, it consisted of the Rothondrim who origonally lived there, along with the eastern refugees, but it has now become a peaceful haven for any who wish to live in peace and modest comfort. This is the 'gem' of peace and truth of the continent, and the northern kingdoms would themselves fall to see it protected.

Lastly, the Rothondirm mostly untouched by the wars established the small trading Kingdom of Ric Arana, better known as the Midlands. While the Rothondrim of the middle north and east were being slaughtered and overtaken by the Fallen ones, those of the Midlands grew fat off of the war, trading to the northern kingdoms at great profit. Now, it is a land of wealth and decadence that grows richer by the hour, and has a decidely different culture than those of its brothers.

So, in esscense these are the 'hobbits' of my world, with a lot of variation, in that they are men, and they are separated into three distinct areas. Still, Veldea is the 'Shire' of the world, a peaceful kingdom of content farmers and refugees.

Hope that was a good start!

(note - Soon, I'll make a scroll of my own about these guys. I've got pages and pages, and this just reminded me that they exist.)

Hobbits in my world are really just short elves with no magic. While they hold nature in high esteem, they are a practical pragmatic bunch. Without magic, they use human like technology. They are embedded into their nature, living amongst their fields and living a life of tied to agriculture. They do excellent crafting, but stick mostly to wood, clay, with the occasionally forged bit.

They always seem to live amongst the trees. They live in a mixed environment: underground, above ground, and in treehouses. In fact a given clan mannor might have parts underground, on the surface in and in a tree.