Rangerwood is an immense, heavily wooded area that covers a bulk of northern Aros. The inhabitants of this region are mostly human. Most of those that live in the woods are rangers or druids and almost all of these hold the title of Seekers.

Seekers are a collection of people that believe their god has forsaken them because of what happened in the war. They believe that before the wars they were able to communicate with their god regularly and were in good standing with him because of a pact they made. It is said that the very first worshippers of this god made a pact with the gods allowing for them to be able to speak with animals and their god directly. In return they would worship him and carry out his wishes on Aros. The pact they swore to was made in the Torthan Woods amid the most ancient of trees in the land. These trees became witness' to the pact that was made. As soon as the pact was agreed upon it is said shoots of new trees sprouted up amidst the ancient trees which were so called the Scions of Piety. And legend said so as long as these ancient trees lived the pact would remain honored.

When the wars ended most all of the Torthan Woods were ripped from the ground and slowly in their place grew the new Rangerwoods. It is believed that all the ancient trees and the Scions of Piety were destroyed but some hold that the great upheavel could have just displaced them to some other portion of Aros. Now, where Rangerwood stands, is the only place that the Scions of Piety could have survived naturally. The ancient trees are thought to be totally destroyed or lost but the hope is that once some of the Scions of Piety will grow old enough that the pact will once again be revived, after all, the Scions were a direct offspring of the pact made.

And so the Seekers constantly search the forest during their travels for the Scions of Piety in hopes of once again serving their god. Others go on quests throughout the land in hopes of finding an ancient grove. They will allow no one to destroy or harm any trees anywhere in Rangerwood with the thought that one of them may be a Scion. There was a grove found that grows tall and encompasses all that it around it casting a darkness darker than midnight under it's boughs. It is called Versetch by the Seekers, for the ancient word defining an evil spirit, but is known as the Shrouds of Dusk by others. This patch is not believed to be the Scions by most, but some believed the Scions were somehow twisted in the upheaval and the Versetch is what became of them. These that believe this continue to try and rid the Versetch of the evil. Many stories revolve around what is in the Versetch, but the fact is, few survive the exploration.

Not all believe that the Scions will be found in Rangerwood. Those among the seekers that believe, with the large upheavels, that the Scions could be anywhere in Aros are widely known and respected in Aros for their woodland talent. So those that believe this have left Rangerwood to search the Four Cities and Drisalin and even Rangerwood to try and find the Scions.

The only towns in Rangerwood are made in natural clearings in the woods which are very few. Only two clearings are large enough to have cities, one deep inside Rangerwood called Markstone. The other near the edge of the NE corner not too far from the Makaw River called Edgewood. The rest of Rangerwood is full of traveling camps and small towns nestled amongst the growing trees.

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