Randy's Janitorial Services

Randy's Janitorial Services (RJS), with its main headquarters in Boston's Financial District, is a multinational business that provides corporate and small business janitorial service. They excel at cleaning sensitive areas, and have multiple contracts with the military, research companies, and other sensitive interests.

Their fees are reasonable and they have a sterling reputation. Word on the streets is that they pay their staff well, but are exacting about what they ask of their employees. In particular, many employees learn to not discuss their job site or gossip about what they may have seen at work.

RJS maintains several offices in multiple countries on every continent save Antarctica.

The Boston Headquarters

The Boston Headquarters occupies a small squat building that has somehow avoided the upward growth of the numerous highrise properties surrounding it. The building has five floors, meticulously clean and kept shiny at all times. The desk is manned 24/7 by a receptionist and two security guards. The lobby is sparsely decorated and entirely devoid of windows, giving it a slightly claustrophobic feel.

RJS generally prefers that prospective clients call rather than visit personally, and the receptionist and guards tend to kindly ask that the majority of those making inquiries leave.

There's two elevators in the lobby. One is intended for general use, and cannot access the top floor of the building without unlocking a panel and flipping a switch which reveals the button for the top floor inside. The other elevator requires a key to access at all, an ID swipe to unlock the hidden panel within, and a passcode entered to the keypad within that hidden panel to gain access to the basement.

The second, third, and fourth floors house the main call centers for RJS. They're dominated by a large cubicle farm, except for the small relaxation garden built into the middle of the fourth floor, complete with a pond that houses a few very happy trout and other aquatic denizens.

The fifth floor serves as Randy's personal office.

The Broom Closet

Underneath the RJS headquarters is a much larger complex that serves as headquarters for RJS' counterintelligence operations. In truth, RJS is a front organization for the CIA.

The basement extends down at least ten levels. Upon exiting the entrance elevator, there are three security checkpoints involving various biometric scanners, a fingerprint reader as well as a retinal scan. Once through the checkpoints, one finds themselves staring down over a massive complex.

The first level down is largely security as well as discreet entrances and exits intended for covert movement. These largely connect to nearby structures, especially the parking garage two streets down.

The next three levels are known as The Bucket. Built into a large natural cavern found underground, the Bucket is devoted to operations, hosting a massive cubicle farm, a handful of situation rooms, and multiple server rooms on large steel platforms extending above the cavern floor.

Randy's office is built into the wall of the cavern, connecting with the large steel platform at level two via a highly secure elevator. Attached is WINDEX, a situation room reserved for the most important missions conducted by RJS staff.

An extensive armory is located on the fifth level. The gear within is varied and maintained very well, including: firearms, explosives, body armor, infiltration devices; surveillance trackers, bugs, and other electronic goodies, and finally multiple surface-to-air missiles.

The sixth and seventh levels contain amenities useful for training operatives and housing them. Facilities include a gym, classrooms, dormitories, a full medical office complete with operating theater, an Olympic sized pool and recreational areas.

The eighth level contains holding cells, interrogation rooms, and a few debriefing rooms.

Level nine is devoted purely to the massive supercomputer MOPBUCKET which takes up the entire floor. MOPBUCKET is a large computer cluster featuring multiple prior supercomputer attempts cobbled together to work cooperatively as individual processors within the overall architecture. MOPBUCKET is generally used for intelligence gather and analysis, capable of interfacing with most US tech going back into the early 90s. One lingering piece of company gossip is that MOPBUCKET has a small dedicated nuclear reactor serving as its main power supply, and that the fish pond serves as as part of its cooling system, something that management vehemently denies (it's true).

Level ten hosts research and development labs. Widely regarded as the most dangerous floor in the building, it has been especially hardened against seismic activity and has some of the strongest security in the complex.


Randy strikes most as being towards his early fifties, but in truth he is sixty-two years old. Short and balding, but thickly muscled, Randy looks very much like the kind of individual you would find hefting trash, fixing cars, or working construction. In truth, Randy is the owner and Founder of Randy's Janitorial Services, one of the largest counterintelligence agencies operating within the US. Having declined multiple offers to become the Director of the CIA, Randy instead decided to go into business for himself.

RJS operates a legitimate and profitable janitorial business as a front, a testament to Randy's management skills.

Randy prefers to keep his history private. He is gruff, demanding immediate obedience from his agents. His more experienced operatives tend to view him in a paternal light, crediting him with their personal growth.

Messes cleaned, maintenance conducted, problems fixed

In truth, RJS is actually a criminal enterprise masquerading as a government counterintelligence organization. Except for a few select individuals (Randy obviously included), the employees and agents are entirely unaware of the deception.

RJS is part of a larger global conspiracy dedicated to toppling governments and possibly attempting to take over the United States.

Besides their headquarters, RJS also owns an aircraft hangar secreted away within the confines of Logan International Airport which they use for international travel.

GM Notes and Thoughts

  • If I actually start a Secret Agent/Spy campaign, an organization as RJS would likely serve as their first employer.
  • Having their initial employer turn out to be bad guys who were using them is a great twist- one taken directly from Alias. That said, I plan on having them conduct numerous missions before that twist is revealed.
  • I need to find more janitorial words to use as codenames
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