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December 10, 2012, 10:11 pm

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The founder of Procrastinamancy was a man called Frederick Johnson. A normal guy who grew up in a place without Mathom, Fred had one "flaw." It was procrastination. Fred took the art of Procrastination and turned into magic.


Frederick Johnson was an architect living in the great city of Riversend. Frederick, or Fred, as his friends called him, was quite the procrastinator. He would delay each of his architectural projects, wait till the last minute to check up on construction, and in general slack off. He would produce average works. He was certainly no Frank Lloyd Wright.

In his spare time (that is, in the time he should have been working but wasn't), Fred would read books on magical theory. It is because of this reading that Fred had a brilliant idea one night, after a long day of procrastinating and rushing a day's work into one evening. He promptly forgot it all by the next morning. It was not until his boss pointed out to Fred that he was quite the procrastinator that Fred remembered his idea- using procrastination as a source of magic. Fred knew all their was to know about magic theory. And so he decided to set out and develop this system of magic. He named it Procrastinamancy.

He tried various methods, culled from each of the schools of magic. None had the desired effect. But after a long month of working hard at it (if it was any other magic besides Procrastinamancy, he could have done it in a week. But this is Procrastinamancy) to finally get something. Fred managed to magically complete the architectural designs that he had procrastinated over for a month. Poring over them, he found that they were good works. Not the best he could have done, but still good, solid works. From there, Fred found it easier and easier to tap into the magic source.

After a year (as before, could have taken maybe six months, but, you know, Procrastinamancy) of studying this new magic and expirenementing, Fred eventually formed the three basic spells a Procrastinator (a capitlized 'p' means the person is talking about a person who performs Procrastinamancy, and a lower case 'p' means just a normal procrastinator). He then planned to give a talk about it to the other wizards of Riversend, but, sadly, procrastinated too long and lost the chance. He eventually gave a talk about a month later (he planned on preparing notes on it, but eventually had to use his art to make them).

The various wizards learned of it and dismissed it as a cheap bag of parlor tricks. Worth learning for the times you procrastinate and really need to get this thing done, but not a serious branch of magic.

But the art grew and grew. After all, the common man could do it, and soon regular folk were using it for there own purposes. After all, it allowed the instantaneous production of something of great quality (depending on the person). And it soon became a serious branch of magic, as if to spite the old wizards.


The Procrastinators have added more spells onto the abilities of a Procrastinator since the time of Frederick Johnson, and there is talk of discovering more if anyone got around to looking into it. Naturally, they can only be performed at the last minute. As a Procrastinator grows more and more experienced, he/she requires less and less stress to perform the spells.

1. Produce: If there is some object that you need made by tomorrow, or some paper you need to write, and so on, this is the spell for you. It makes the object through no effort on your part. All that is required are the things that you would need to make the object. For example, if you needed to make a table, you would need nails, hammer, wood, and saw. Or, if you needed to write an essay, pen and paper. The work that is Produced is of decent quality. It would simply be an okay table by your standards. If you are a master sculptor, the resulting sculpture would be average by your standards, not by the average person's standards. It would still be great sculpture  but only because you're a great sculptor. There are some things you can do to improve the resulting quality of the work Produced. These are having objects that would aid you in the production of the object (like, in the table example, a ruler, protractor, etc., or in the essay example, a book on how to write an essay, and research/notes on the topic), and high stress levels. If there are other things that improve the quality of the work, the Procrastinators haven't discovered them yet (for the obvious reason).

2. Time Warp: If a Procrastinator discovers he waited too long to do something, he/she can use the Time Warp spell and do it over again. For example, if the Procrastinator procrastinated in sabotaging the enemy food supplies, and just remembered he/she had to do it after your general asked you how it went, reminding you that the enemy moved out yesterday, so the window of opportunity to do so is gone, the Procrastinator could cast the Time Warp spell and sabotage the food supplies. There are several requirements when this spell is happening. The first is that you were always planning on doing it. The second is that they cannot cast magic while doing the thing. The third is that the chances of succeeding in the action have to be significantly higher if you did it in the past. For example, if you had to sabotage the food supply of an enemy camp, and remembered to do it after they had moved the camp, finished constructing the walls, or got an increase in their garrison, it would be possible to Time Warp. Their are two main effects that occur when the action is taken back. The first is that the action you should have taken happened. The second is that anything you did when you should have been doing the action (and are now doing) never happened  anything gained, learned, traded, completed, or otherwise done is null and void. You completed the quest by killing off that troll? Never happened. Go kill it later on. You managed to make an astounding negotiating roll and got an amazing deal that tripled your wealth? Say good-bye to your money. GMs: Time Warp should not be taken lightly.

Currently, I can't think of any other spells for the Procrastinator. Please leave any amazing ideas below.

Besides, I've procrastinated too long on my homework. 

By the way, Frederick Johnson is based on myself (taking out the magic studies and architecture bits).

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Comments ( 3 )
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Voted chaoticwaffle
December 11, 2012, 15:46
This is a simply amazing idea. To turn something we all do, and some of us do more than others, into a magical art form is just awesome.
Voted Kassy
December 19, 2012, 7:03
Like chaoticwaffle, I also like what you've done by taking an everyday 'thing' (the word that I wanted to use eludes me..) and churning out a sub.

Voted Dossta
December 27, 2012, 13:56
I'm not sure what I feel about this one. The idea is good, but I feel like it's missing something as it stands now. For one, you say that Fred managed to create three spells but then list only two at the end. And I have a hard time believing that a person of average background could develop a whole school of magic within a month's time. Just seems a bit fast to me, but perhaps Fred is positively brilliant.

I think what I would like to see are some more rules to this. Maybe the longer a work is procrastinated, the more "procrastination power" is built up? So the novelist who puts off writing his book for ten years winds up with a positively brilliant manuscript at the end of it? I don't know. Either way, the idea will need a lot more fleshing out before it can be really useable in a game setting. I'll have to think a bit more on it.

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