She is kind and loves animals of all kinds. She can seem very unintelligent because she is does not fear creatures who it would seem common sense to fear. Actually she is average in intelligence and only slightly week in strength, but she is adept at all things relating to animals, and, as necessity dictates, a good runner. Prehena feels sympathy for all creatures, no matter how ugly or mean they are.

She has sandy colored hair some where between blonde and brown, and has green eyes. She looks about ten years old, or at least close to that and has freckles all over her face. She is almost always followed by a crowd of animals, whether it is bugs or cattle. She wears the common children's attire for what ever land your game is in, although she favors the color green.

She was born, a seemingly norman human girl, into a good, lower-middle class family. She would keep pets, the stranger the better (or at least that is how it seemed to her parents). They have tried to keep her out of danger, but she has somewhat of a knack for getting into trouble, as she often goes off to find more 'friends'. She discovered her gift when she was five years old and her father was about to kill a snake(or similar animal if your campaign doesn't have snakes) which had gotten into her house, she found this situation terrible sad and began to cry. After one of her tears fell on the snake it stood down from it's striking position and and sat calmly on the ground. Luckily for the snake Prehena was able to keep her father from harming her new friend and she was able to raise it as her pet. There was once, when she was seven, she was bitten by one of her creatures, as she set it's food down for it. The cut was not to deep or dangerous, and she forgave the creature, but was much more careful about feeding her pets.

Special Equipment
She has none, only her tears, which can make a creature good, at least for a short period of time, longer or even forever if they are trained by her as some have been.

Roleplaying Notes
She's probably best suited for a fantasy game, although she might be adaptable to a Si-Fi or super hero game if you can think of some slightly more logical reason for her powers. There are several ways to introduce her to your campaign, the first of which is to have her go missing, preferably in an area with a lot monsters for her to befriend. Another would be that there is a sever monster infestation or invasion, and someone finds out about her gift. It would probably be up to your players to keep her safe.

Hopefully she's an interesting character and fun to use in your campaign. Oh and I'd love feed back on her, thanks :-).

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