Full Item Description
A bronze statue of a snake sits atop a green velvet cloth, coiled and asleep, its body splits thrice between three heads, each of which appears to be blind. It would be possible for a slender human woman to slip her wrist into the coil and wear it as a long band but its weight is awkward and the metal is cold. There is no maker's mark.

Presceni was a young mage, not of any renown or serious threat. He was both servant and student of the greater teacher, Descentio, until a mishap in the wizard's study changed his path of learning. A single rap snake lunged on a distracted Prescini, darting from an opened container and striking his hand, sinking its teeth deep into his flesh and releasing its poison.

Presceni was laid up for days as the poison tried to kill him. Nights of fits and sweating, days of hallucinations and pain, but Presceni recovered and from that moment he began his study of serpents and his magical theory and further discoveries and creations all revolved upon his love and admiration for the creature that almost destroyed him.
The Statue was created from the corpse of a three-headed snake which was pickled in brine and used as a gimmick in a traveling market, Presceni "convinced" the seller that it would be in his best interest to release it to him. The brine had given the snake's body a sheen and Presceni worked the skin with arcane oils and magic to transform it to metal while keeping the texture and returning a semblance of life to the remains. The blind eyes became like opals, as it rose in attendance to the words of Presceni and began its service.
Magic/Cursed Properties
Each head is still until a secret word is spoken, then they would animate and begin to fight amongst themselves, snapping at each other.
Presceni would get their attention and they would listen to his requests. Each head is a consultant, the left head knows of the past to an extent, the middle speaks of the present, the right, of the future. They can also be asked of things that never were, are, or will be, but this will cause them to fight amongst themselves again as they are prone to argue.
The secret word was lost with Presceni, but even if the word was known the speaker would have to be able to speak serpentine to say it correctly or to converse with the three.

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