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February 10, 2017, 1:43 pm

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Phantom Warriors of The Stolen World


Even dreams can be deadly


In the decadent city of Kaiim, dreamers take solid shape and roam about the Stolen World. Most take the form of Phantom Warriors, a dream construct that lets them wander free of the fear of death.


The city, Island and Duchy of Kaiim was a fairly ordinary place 500 years ago, sure it had a higher level of technology, magic and societal evolution, but it was not extraordinarily out of place. Then a discovery was made in the raspberry bushes that fill the Oldwood ,just outside the city. A mutation had created the snooze berry. It looked exactly like the common berry other than a slight gold flaking throughout the berry.It was discovered that if enough were eaten the imbiber would fall in to an extremely deep sleep for 48 hours. While sleeping, the dreamer would manifest a solid construct that would be a monocolored ideal replica of the dreamer. over the next 30 years, mages would refine the juice from the berries and enable more control over this construct, able to make specialty constructs and also allowing the dreamer to make the construct far away from the city. While many forms are possible the Phantom Warrior has proven the easiest to make , manifest and control. The elixir is plentiful and relatively cheep, so much so that 75% of the army of Kaiim is made up of these dream warriors. Kaiim has jealously guarded the secret of distilling the potion but makes it freely available to all willing to pay for it. A small amount is exported to the wider island, but the vast majority of these dreamers are from the city proper. This work will only concern itself with the Phantom Warrior, other dream forms will be covered in a future work about Kaiim itself


While under the influence of The Phantom Elixir, the drinker is completely helpless. They will be in an incredibly deep sleep and can only be roused from it with magical means. As each dose keeps the dreamer asleep for 72 hours, they will awaken weak and very hungry. Prolonged use of the elixir will lead to sleeplessness weight loss and an addiction to the elixir. The user will be pale and gaunt with weak musculature, just making the user more interested in staying asleep.



The basic Phantom Warrior will have the abilities of a slightly subpar unarmored warrior, armed with a greatsword. The dream construct does not sleep, eat or breathe. Despite this, the dream form is subject to all forms of poison, magic or damage almost exactly like a normal person, even to the point of being able to receive healing magic, it is very much solid and about 1/10th the normal weight. At the point where a normal subpar warrior would be knocked unconscious, the Phantom Warrior will then freeze in it's current state until it is healed as a normal person would be from time or healing magic would be applied. The dreamer is capable of gaining skills and experience in the Phantom form and is capable of carrying items like a normal person except for the inability to don additional clothing or armor. Any items not manifested by the dream are dropped in 72 hours as the dreamer awakens. At this basic level ,the dreamer is only able to form the construct on the Greater Island of Kaiim. Any treasure found by the construct must be physically transported to the dreamer.


As the construct is capable of growing more powerful over time, additional abilities can be gained. The following spell like abilities can be gained:

feather fall

extreme bursts of speed

Different weapons and shields

the ability to briefly phase through solid objects


ability to transport treasure through the dream

ability to manifest dream form over a wider and wide area.

at very advanced stages, the Phantom can fly, teleport and manifest armor


As the Phantom Warriors have been roaming The Stolen World for centuries and their monocolor appearance identifies them instantly, their vulnerabilities are widely known. Mind effecting spells can be cast on the dreamer directly, having to use the weak form of the dreamer to make it's saves. It can never disbelieve in illusion of any kind and all illusions are treated as reality to them.


A whole specialty of dream mage has evolved in Kaiim. These mages are capable of manifesting a wider variety of abilities and powers, with only the DMs imagination as a limitation, but by far the most commonly met Phantom warrior will be of ordinary people.


Phantom Warriors encountered will be in a variety that is as wide as humanity itself when it comes to personality, but they tend to be very brave: the form is basically immortal. They can be staunch allies or bitter unkillable foes.

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Comments ( 2 )
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Voted Scrasamax
February 11, 2017, 6:43
I like this submission, and I also don't like it.

I think that the phantom warriors are incredibly powerful, and I want to play one. I would also want to play one in a highly destructive fashion, demonstrating all the ways that a nefarious person could abuse such a power. Phasing into homes, stealing material goods, carrying out impossible assassinations (that regular strength, but 1/10th the weight) and so forth. I would greatly enjoy this. As a DM I think it could be a nightmare as there are very few controls on the phantom warriors, other than the limitations on how long they can manifest.

I can see magi and lawful good phantom warriors working together trying to keep everything in some semblance of balance.
February 11, 2017, 6:59
I work backwards into concepts, I come up with neat ideas then go out of my way to justify them, in some cases this will not work well.In other cases, like this. many interesting concept fall from it. What would this do to society? I am going to explore this in the "Kaiim " city sub I have planned. It will be a central hub of the Stolen World. Maybe we can collab on that one Scras.


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