Full Item Description
The Perfumed Veils are more truthfully simple masks that cover the nose and mouth behind a sheet of thin cloth, which ties behind the user's head. Bandits occasionally make use of similar items to hide their identities, and travellers through the Wilderlands and the Desert Kingdoms sometimes make use of them to keep the dust and sand away from their faces.

Where these Veils differ, however, is the illusionary enchantment woven into them that alters the smell of the air passing through the cloth into a fresh, slightly flowery smell rather than whatever else might be around. They were developed by a magician who had tired of the foul stench of the communal trash pit of the village, which filled the space behind his home and was known to occasionally produce such horrid smells that even the local scavengers refused to go near it.

Rather than suffer the smell, or move elsewhere after spending so much time perfecting his laboratory, the magician chose to create an enchanted face mask that would ward away the bad smells and allow him the smell of clean, fresh air.

Unfortunately, the mask only concealed the smell without altering the quality of the air, and so it was one day that the mage unknowingly cast a spell to light some torches near the pit, unaware of the cloud of flammabe fumes that had been billowing up in the aftermath of a brilliantly sunny day. The mask was found, only slightly singed, when the townfolk came to see what had caused the tremendous explosion; since the owner no longer had need of it, the mask was sold to a passing gypsy troupe, who later sold it to another mage in the Crystal City. From there, the masks have become a fairly commonplace, trivial magic, used by those who work in the sewers and other foul-smelling locations.

Magic/Cursed Properties
The Perfumed Veils have one simple power: they alter the smell of any air passing through them to whatever scent was decided upon by the mage who ade the item. Many use flowers as the basis of the scent, but a few more unusual masks exist, including half a dozen in the hands of a group of assassin-mages that fill the air with the scent of blood.

This power is purely illusionary, and makes no changes to the actual air.

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