The main dress component of the Panoply of the Bride is made of semi-sheer white fabric, with the density of the weaving increasing so as to conceal the wearer's nipples and prepuce (cameltoe for the vulgar argot), but concealing nothing else.

Adds the Innocent Effect. While under the Innocent Effect, the wearer of the Panoply of the Bride cannot be targeted by magic or magical abilities. This is a powerful effect, and while it would be super effective for full suits of armor, a person in a suit of full plate is not innocent. 


The Backpiece of the Panoply of the Bride is a seven-foot wide fan of albino phoenix feathers. They are visually striking.

Adds Protection from Poison, Protection from Fire, and Protection from non-magical weapons, 


The Panoply has a ferronniere (a headband with a gemstone in the center, medieval style) that holds a quail-egg sized oggline (dungeon turquoise) in the center of the wearer's forehead.

The ferronniere inflicts a charisma penalty on people around the wearer, which while it reduces their charisma, it more importantly reduces their resistance to charisma-based effects and powers. 


The Necklace of Decolletage is also known as the Collar of Perfect Breasts, the Cleavage Maximizer, and the Amulet of Stunning Tits.

A vulgar item, yes, but its effect is pretty simple. Whatever the wearer's Charisma bonus is, double it. This doesn't double their charisma/appearance/whatever score, just whatever the bonus is. The downside is that if someone with a negative charisma modifier puts it on, it doubles that. This isn't charm that makes breasts bigger, it accentuates the neck, shoulders, collar bones, cleavage, and yes, breasts. If this was real, women would kill to have it.


Golden Earrings - basic magic item set with ypreen (dungeon quartz/diamond) that acts as a magic power booster

Golden Hairpin - basic magic item made of dungeon gold and ypreen, which acts as a magic power booster

Golden Sandals - magic high heel shoes that grant a small charisma boost.

Ring of Vanity - allows the wearer to apply their Charisma bonus to magic casting

Ring of Seduction - grants a small bonus to seduction

Makeup Kit +3 - set of magic cosmetics that allow an increase in Charisma bonuses.


The Panoply of the Bride is designed to assist a non-combative seducer character. In a non-meta level, the Panoply of the Bride was created to overcome the resistance of those not inclined to sexual seduction by a female wearer. This could be seducing a member of a race not attracted to the wearer, seducing an asexual species, a magically constructed species, a diving being, an infernal being, and so forth. In terms of fantasy gaming, this becomes a prize to be carried off and sold to some wealthy noble or royal who wants to use it to jazz up their married life, or use it to cement a state level marriage, etc.

The charisma bonuses do stack, but they are not cumulative, so two charisma doublers are bonus x4, not bonus x2 and then x2 again. 

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