Gemstones and the DungeonVerse:

In the DungeonVerse, dungeons are borderline living things and they literally create and foster the growth of their internal components, and use the raw materials to fashion tools, weapons, traps, armor, and even the monsters that populate their depths. When a dungeon attempts to create a garnet, it cannot create a true and pure garnet, this is the domain of the earth elemental plane, and geologic forces. What happens is that the dungeon creates a synthetic garnet, aka a kaathire. In almost every regard, the stone is identical to the normal garnet, except that it will have deeper and darker hue, idealized by the dungeon itself, and it will have the elemental resonance of the dungeon. The properties of the new artificial stones come from the fact that they were assembled, at a near molecular level, and in doing so, have absorbed the energies of the dungeon, and they are all innately magical objects because of this.

The other items the dungeon assembles do and do not share this, but this is more a function of the the material rather than the dungeon. When the dungeon assembles basic things like mundane metal, mundane wood, leather, etc, these objects are still contaminated or influenced by the dungeon, but do not retain a magical nature. The corollary is that if the dungeon wishes to imbue said item with magic power, that is completely within its power, and is done with inlays, sigils, runes, or glyphs, depending on the linguistic and magical capability of the dungeon in question.


Also known as deep garnet or dungeon's heart, kaathire is a blood red gemstone, and it is best used in magics that involve harming others, either directly through dealing increased damage, causing bleeding damage, or magically through spells like Inflict Injury. Dungeon champions praise the fury of kaathire, and love to adorn their weapons with it.


A purple so dark its almost black, bekanan is a gem associated with foolishness, and lack of self control. It is favored by those who would use it's powers to fool others, especially in the creation of illusions, manipulating emotions, and influencing thoughts. It is also known as soul amethyst or solthyst


A midnight blue stone, almost black with it's intensity, Vregneth is the gemstone of rage and favored by dungeon berzerkers, barbarians, and chaos mages. When activated, vregneth glows with an almost ultrablue/hypercolor intensity that alters the appearance of other colors around it.


Ypreen is appears in two forms, one is perfectly clear like a diamond, and the other is completely dark. Both act the same, and the difference is purely cosmetic. Black Ypreen can be mistaken for black diamond, but is much less expensive and easier to procure. When used Ypreen is the stone of shadow and it can be used to create, banish, or manipulate shadows, expecially for concealment. Magi can use it to summon shadow monsters.


Gorgathine is a midnight green stone, also known as a dungeon emerald or deep emerald. The stone has strong associations with fear, despair, and submission. It can be used in items of lordly aura, or perversely in magic items that rob others of free will. A gorgathine necklace is a powerful slave collar, if properly cut and enchanted.


Philthum is a very strange material, analogous to pearl or even mother of pearl. It is created and extruded by a number of slimes and oozes when they encounter an irritant that they cannot readily expel, and cannot digest. Once a nacreous envelope is wrapped around it, expelling even a cursed object is possible. The dungeon pearls, also produced by some mimics for the same reason, can be used in creating jewelry and magic items associated with hatred, disgust, and vitriol.


Easily confused with it's more intense cousin, kaathire, nauxarine is a blood red dungeon gem. Rather than being deep in hue, nauxarine is pale, almost watery. The stone is associated with servility, weakness, and frailty. The stone is rarely used in weapons and armor, but it favored for slave equipment, magical traps, and cursed treasure. A common cursed item is a dungeon lamp, a metal lamp with a light enchanted nauxarine in it. The bearer of the lamp finds their strength taxed, as the lantern seems enormously heavy. The light it sheds also depletes the strength of those it shines on.


Also known as deep peridot or bardsbane, treem is a thankfully rare stone. It is associated with sickness, disgust, ugliness, and other negative connotations. The stone lends itself to revealing that which is wicked, ugly, and unwholesome, showing everything to be the worst version of itself.


Ulnina is the stone of deception, the deep sapphire, the eyes of the dungeon.It is favored for use in magic items that influence charisma, seduction, and intimidation. Ulnina is prized among dungeon captains, lords, and higher power leadership.


Elgechal is a disturbingly common dungeon gemstone, and it has a ruddy pink color, which can best be described as unnatural, unwholesome, alien, and again, disturbing. It lends itself well to almost any sort of magic, begging to be used. It is associated with magic, mutation, poisoning, disease, and chaos.


A deep golden jewel, zahar is associated with stoicism, controlled emotion, even deadened emotion. It can be crafted into tools for archers and assassins, or professions that require intense self control and discipline, and as punishments and traps that steal away hope, enthusiasm, and joy.


Also known as Foestone, this dungeon variant of turquoise resonates with hostility, and confrontational energy. Many consider it similar to Treem, and likewise it is known as bardsbane as its very presence can disrupt charisma based magics.

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