With Overclocked Perception (inter-medulla) you can make those critical moments, or just those special ones, last almost as long as you want! Next time a fight breaks out, you'll have the edge to keep ahead of the next guy. Wish you could have more time with your favorite partner? Now you can, and without having to take time off! All this and more is possible with your new OP(im) implant! Get yours today!

Full Item Description

There are full body implants that can actually make a character move faster, but they are highly invasive, replacing large portions of the nervous system with artificial materials and bypassing higher functions to route responses directly into the quicker animal reactions, the basic instincts. These modifications result in "people" that are barely human anymore, and accidents from reactions that would have normally been kept in check no longer having the option to be stopped. Like putting three rounds into your friend who surprised you at your surprise party.

Overclocked Perception doesn't actually make you any faster at all, it's simply a small processor in your brain that "opens up" the speed at which you perceive things. You get to see things at 'Matrix-style bullet time' but you don't get to react any faster than normal. If you see someone drawing a gun, you can kick these on and have plenty of time to react, getting to cover or shooting first, whatever you need, but if all you see is someone pointing a gun at you with a bullet leaving the barrel, you're not going to be able to dodge that, sorry.

Users often find themselves leaving their Overclocked Perception on all the time, to let themselves get more out of life, they tell themselves, but the sensation gets addictive as well as produces phobias in many users. Semi-voluntary reactions, like blinking or breathing, can become out of synch, and users can become terrified if anything interrupts their senses.

A person viewing the world through overclocked senses may feel like it's been a half hour since they took a breath, since they aren't breathing faster than normal. A flash-bang grenade would leave them blind for what feels like days. A knife wound would be aching for years before it heals, and could lead to becoming addicted to pain killers.

Super senses aren't endowed with Overclocked Perception. You can't speed read, in the usual sense, your eyes aren't moving any faster than normal, but you can focus more or the whole page rather than just one word, letting you read more, quicker than normal.

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