The Greater Dragons (of ORDER) worship the Spirit of the Law and Justice, seen as an eternal flame. This spirit is said to burn inside each Greater Dragon and give them their purifying fire. In their immortal wisdom, they saw their time was ending and that the younger races needed the Eternal Flame. To pass The Flame on, they first created the Lesser Dragons. The only Dragons of this age. The Wells of the FlameGems were gifted to the world so Mortals could find those with draconic spirits or strong eternal flame. A worthy person, once presented would have a FlameGem rise from the Well and bind to the worthy... marking them for all to see.

These Worthies became Dragon Knights, the partners of the Dragons, to promote Order, and Justice in mortal society. These Dragon Knights ride their partners, fighting with them, to promote Order and Justice, and a 'Higher Society'.

Each Dragon Knight wore a FlameGem, which burned with The Flame when touched by a worthy, as a badge of office. They always helped and adviced, rather than forcing their will (and that of the Greater Dragons) upon the peoples. The Dragons hoped to teach mortals how to achieve a true society.

Over the age, the Dragon Knights helped The Human Lands to reach a higher level of civilization, where the needs and wants of most were fufilled, where wrongs were addressed, and people were generally happy.

Then, The Darkness came. The Order of Riders fought against it. Eventually they were betrayed by a corrupted one of their own. The Age came to an end. A new one began.

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The order survived, barely.

The Betrayer has lived a pitiful existance as an undead. He is bound to the world until the Order has been restored and Dragon Justice brought to the world. The Betrayer, Jareth, is sorry for what he has done (since he has witnesses the fall of civilization due to his dreams of greed and power. But without a well and a choosen one, he has been waundering pitifully for the ages, feeling quite sorry for himself.

Then he feels it, the call of the Dragon. Someone has found a stone and has been choosen. The Dragon has taken wing. Now he must reach them and train them before their destiny comes crashing down upon them.

Possible riders: a fiesty young girls who found a FireGem and awoke a dragon... one lone boy finding a well that had washed up after a landslide.... This handful of Dragon Knights have taken up the mantle of the Riders of Old, they will bring The Light of the Eternal Flame to the people again. The Mortal world will reach its potential.