Recently, in a moderately sized city, there have been a number of assaults. There have been no deaths yet, but it is worrisome nonetheless. All the victims sport numerous bruises, lumps and other signs of light blunt trauma. All of the attacks have so far happened within about fifteen minutes walk of the local prison.

The city's prison guard, torturer and executioner, a half-orc named Goadle, has a guilty secret. His one true joy is the small teddy bears that he makes from scraps of clothing belonging to the condemned.
He recently executed a singularly vile criminal who happened to have been arrested wearing a fine wool jacket. Unknown to Goadle, the jacket had been soiled with the blood of so many innocents that it had become an evil item, in and of itself. As Goadle lovingly stitched it into stuffed bears, it's evil was passed on.
At night, while the prison slept, the bears would sneak into town and attack people. Lacking any actual force (they're teddy bears after all), they have yet to succeed at causing any real damage. Unfortunately, it's only a matter of time until they find Goadle's needles (Either sewing or torture), and Goadle still has a decent amount of the evil wool left.

While the teddies themselves are somehow... less than intimidating, they do have one rather frightening quality: they learn. In a few months, they tend to be as intelligent as an average human, and they still continue to learn. If they aren't stopped soon, they will not only be able to devise surprisingly diabolical plans, but they will eventually discover the secret of how they were created, and nothing is stopping them from creating more evil wool. Should that happen, the teddies will disperse and try to build more of their kind.

Goadle has no idea that his teddies are alive, as they simply need to go limp to look like a raggedy teddy bear. If they are detected for magic, they will have a very faint aura about them. Lacking proper mouths, they are incapable of speech, though they will quickly learn to write.

During one of the recent attacks, one of the bears was pinned underneath the unconscious victim and is now in custody of the local guard. They have no idea that it is one of the creatures responsible for the attacks, but they think it might have something to do with it. Their current guess is along the lines of a 'calling card'.

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