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January 13, 2013, 2:40 am

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Omni-Consumer Products


The paragon of the sundry goods MegaCorp

For the genre savvy, you might recognize Omni-Consumer as the OCP from Robocop. 

Omni-Consumer Products

The OCP began as a state run company organized and chartered by the nascent Republic of the Great Lakes. Rather than promoting competition among companies for products as mundane as toilet paper and housing fixtures, the Republic government consolidated and created Omni-Consumer as a sort of West Indies trading company style megacorporation to make all the stuff that people needed, but really didnt need to be marketed, like the afore mentioned asswipe, toothpaste, furniture, and so on. 

As the Second Renaissance bloomed, OCP was in a unique position to expand faster than it's potential private market rivals and quickly OCP was in the weapons business, the vehicles business, medical supplies, electronics and just about every pie it could find to rudely finger. The megacorp sprawled like a kraken flailing around the Great Lakes and eventually would have fractured into either a corporate civil war or just collapsed under it's own weight. It was rescued by a brilliant scientist who developed a stunning AISC to organize the MegaCorp and by the political organizations of the UAC

Something Old

OCP is built on the ruins of Old Detroit. It has razed most of the old city and rebuilt it under the idyllic aegis of Delta City. Most of the residents of Detroit who were not interested in becoming Corporate Citizens (as per the Corporate Citizenship Doctrine) were relocated to the somewhat restored (not entirely ruined) city of Pontiac. Delta City is an impressive arcoplex, and is studded with industrial arcologies as well as many geofront cities under it for smelting and recycling metal and making things. Most of the steel that the UAC uses in it's space fleet comes from Michigan State.

Something New

OCP is interested in creating immortality through cybernetics, the immortal man=machine interface. Few nations or powers have gone as far in creating organic cybernetic hybrids as OCP has. It has gone so far as creating cymeks or machine intelligences with organic bodies. It has also rather horrifically created brain jars. Brain jars are the vulgar name of Organic memory cores, which OCP uses in basic computing, autopilot and enhanced droid systems and the like. These are not automatically human brains, but some are.

Something Borrowed

Where the UAC and other megacorps are fairly brazen about their dominance, OCP has made a great effort of hiding it's monoply. It masquerades it's sundry goods through a dozen different brands, creating the illusion of choice. People shopping in most Great Lakes grocery and sundry stores are literally wasting their time as almost every product in the store is manufactured, distributed and all of that by the exact same corp that owns the store, and likely the customers themselves work for. OCP has a business model that is somewhere between a viral infection and cancer.

Something Blue

Access to the CogNet is a valuable commodity. OCP is the leading manufacturer of SQUIDbands. S3 rigs, HoloBands, and Wachowski Brain probes. It's CogSoft software/browser is the most commonly used CogNet service in the Federation and it's blue icons and logos are synonymous with virtual technologies. This is something of a point of contention between OCP and Cyberdyne Systems as the two MegaCorps have been at low level war for twenty years, one that OCP has had major victories in, mostly the data theft/liberation of Cyberdyne CogNet technologies.

And a Penny in Her Shoe

OCP has the distinction of being the currency production company for the Atlantic Federation. It issues the standard physical currency that is used in the Federation, backed by the faith and goodwill of the Atlantic Federation.

OCP is also a major producer of sexbots.

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Comments ( 5 )
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Voted Dozus
January 14, 2013, 12:23
A nice treatment of an American supercorp. Though I question the necessity and usefulness of organic memory cores: if thought and memory can be stored on more reliable electronic solid-state cores, why bother with meaty ones?
January 14, 2013, 13:43
Because the 'corps gotta have nasty secrets and it's primarily a shout out to OCPs cyborg programs and brains in jars.
January 14, 2013, 14:21
That's what I figured. It's just the dour pragmatist in me.
Voted axlerowes
January 14, 2013, 14:18
First, the one has a lot of fun imagery and a punchy bemused wording that I really enjoyed.

"megacorp sprawled like a kraken flailing around the Great Lakes"

"These are not automatically human brains, but some are."

"megacorporation to make all the stuff that people needed, but really didnt need to be marketed, like the afore mentioned asswipe, toothpaste, furniture, and so on"

The format of the wedding limerick also was both accessible and clever.

Fun stuff.

Voted valadaar
April 22, 2013, 14:37
Another fine background piece.

Perhaps a key personality or two might spice up the faceless conglomerate.

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