In the shallows of the bay, at the edge of the deep drop, nestled within a rich kelp forest, stands King Neptune's Court. This is a meeting place for the Deep Community on the Edge of the Kingdom. it is where the Sea Folk Prince holds commune with his subjects, enacts laws, and meets out justice to those who have incurred the wrath of the King. Utilizing Sea Folk artifacts, Men of the Land can come to this place. This allows disputes to be resolved peacefully, crimes that effect both to be judged, embassies to speak, and trade to be worked out. It is a grand experiment of the Sea King and it seems to be working.

Built as an auditorium, the SeaFolk gather in it's tiered benches whilst the Prince (or royal representative) sits on the raised shell fan throne, whilst his personal guard swim overhead to keep away unwanted intruders. Soft light emanates from the giant luminescent pearls making this place a beacon of light and civilization.

King Neptune's Court is a circular building, made up of two circular rings interseting each other, the larger being a tiered seating area and the smaller being the throne dais. There is no ceiling here and the building is open in almost all directions. The outside walls are arches, pillars supporting the arches. The main ring has a semicircular series of tiered seating and is ensconced in a colonnade. It is the seating area is tier arches appearing like an ampitheatre.

The main pillars supporting the colonnade and flanking the dais bear resemblances to a King of the Sea. Twin-pillar sections support the seashell spires and the dais dome. Mounted on four of the pillars are giant the giant luminescent pearls that illuminate the court.

The dais is raised from the spiral flagstone floor. Here a Throne of Deep Kingdom Right is located. The throne is made in the style of an Imperial temple capital. Its back is a made of a huge sand color shell. Under the dais is a gated chamber that can be used to hold prisoners waiting trial or alternatively to house treasure or trained sea creatures.

Beneith the floor is an underground grotto that has been made to hold prisoners and scribes (who often complain they are prisoners). The scribes attend to the Records of the Deep Kingdom and the Library of Law and Culture kept here.

PS: The surface dwellers call the First of the SeaFolk King Neptune. His real name is N'estussshunne

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