Neon Bunny is a cyber-ops specialist who lost her face, the fascia she wears allows her to see but also hides her from the rest of the world.

The Problem

Samantha Powers was involved in a very nasty dimensional fatigue event that involved a hydralisk like creature spraying her in the face with digestive enzymes. She survived, but lost her face and her self image as an attractive woman. She wears a cybernetic fascia that allows her to see with optical hook ups, a CogNet link, and other HUD technology. Under the fascia, her lower jaw is gone, her nose and nasal cavity are hollowed out, and she has no eyes, just scar tissue covered sockets. It is truly horrific.

The Solution

Powers has hidden behind both the fascia and her Neon Bunny persona. This allows her to bury the lack of social interaction she has, the lack of close friends, and to push away friends and family who knew her before the alien monster turned her face into a liquid lunch.

The Conflict Between

Powers has not had a happy life and struggles with isolation and mild substance abuse (anti-depressants, alcohol, recreational drugs). She has normal female biological interests and desires that are in direct conflict with the solution of becoming an androgynous cypher. Not to play the Oh I Want Babies card, but she has no romantic interests, and zero self esteem, with a highly negative body image. The only time she isn't alone is when she is working on a mission, which requires her to break isolation and risk others seeing under the fascia, seeing what a monster and freak she is.


Pretty straight forward, Powers deliberately avoids getting close to anyone, because that would lead to revealing both the ugliness under the mask, and the ugliness inside of her. Better to be alone, than to be rejected as a freak.


Powers' work as a cyber-ops specialist exposes her to many interesting people, many of whom require face to face meetings, and working with teams. As trust is a commodity among cyber-ops, hackers who run an anonymous lone wolves always going remote are typically shunned, or considered alt-personas of existing hackers. The social game has to be played. Mr Johnson doesn't work through email or skype, the team on the ground doesnt have a reliable unhackable signal, and so forth.

Her limitation makes her a consummate professional, never letting sentiment or emotional attachment get in the way of completing a job. Her reputation is high. Quite a few shadowrunners are sexually interested in her, but their lack of charisma coupled with her deep self loathing makes her cold and them hostile. A volatile mixture.

Greatest Fear

Rather simple, her greatest fear is to be unmasked. Without her fascia she is blind, mute, and completely exposed. The only sense remaining without it is hearing. It mixes complete vulnerability with the fact that anyone and everyone can see the face that would make Freddy Kruger wince and Deadpool throw up.


Neon Bunny is a typical hacker, aside from her three eyed fascia. She is of average height and slim build. She speaks with an artificial voice, feminine but neutral. Her aesthetic is spartan/brutal, with emphasis on protection in the field. She typically wears a blond wig because being bald on top of disfigured is more than she can bear. She has a large amount of hacker gear, high skills, high reputation, and a demeanor that many find almost robotic. Those who have empathic abilities can tell that this is a facade, and a thick one. She adorns her gear with a neon green profile of a rabbit, representing speed and agility, cunning and stealth.

Author's Note: Conceptual character I've created, Neon Bunny is a study in female self image. She is functionally a member of the Gendarme Maschina but shares many characteristics with the Order of Ixium. She typically operates as a drone controller, communications specialist, computer hacker, or other high tech specialist.

Template for this character found here:

Samantha Powers is a self loathing wreck who hides behind her profession as much as her fascia implant.
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