Full Item Description
A bloodstone ring set in 18-caret gold with (insert magical symbol here) carved into it.

Samuel Naylor was a wizard growing old in years, who had reached the age where he liked to sit in peace and quiet, to work on new spells, read or just contemplate, but he found himself frustrated by the noises of everyday life. Talking people, rattling wheels, barking dogs and other normal noises got on his nerves. Also, when making a new spell he once said part of it without meaning to whilst creating it, and a purple beam of light shot from his staff and made spikes grow out of his favourite armchair.

So to ensure the peace he craved and make the creation of new spells safer, he enchanted a bloodstone ring. When he turned it three times to the left and tapped it, it caused a pall of silence that, unlike that of The Staff of Silenceonly lasted within fifteen feet of the wearer of the ring. All sound within that area became tottaly inaudible to the wearer of the ring and everybody else. To turn the spell off, he turned it three times to the right and tapped it.

Magic/Cursed Properties

The disadvantage when wearing this ring in the "on" position is that no verbal spells can be cast, nor can the wearer or his friends make themselves heard or hear anything. Even if taken off the finger when "on" the spell still continues until the ring is "turned off" by being turned three times to the right and tapped.

Plot Hooks-The PCs find this ring without knowing what it is, and one of them accidently activates it without knowing how to turn it off again. Cue much frantic miming until the PCs finally manage to switch the magical affect off.

-The PCs must use this to kidnap somebody/break into somewhere without attracting unwelcome attention.

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